Octro teen patti to get banned? Read more about it


It is no secret that the game of Octro Teen Patti has become much popular among youth. Not only youth, even old folks and working middle aged men are finding the game to be quite addictive. So much is the addictiveness involved in this game that students and teens are spending long hours playing this game. But, is the game all set to get banned? Have you heard of this news? According some newspapers and media outlets, Octro teen patti game is going to get banned in the near future.

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As I said before, this game is an addiction among people of different age group. Earlier, it was only college students who were into it. But now, it appears that the game has successfully crossed that age barrier and managed to get even older aged folks addicted to it. This game offers the same ‘experience’ and ‘feel’ of the classic card game that one can play. Further, one can enjoy this game from the comfort of their home!


Also, getting the app is easy. It is available for free in Google Play. Starting the app is easy, since the registration can be done easily using Facebook id. This has given the players to play anonymously. Many of them have fake ids especially created for playing Octro Teen patti!


Another motivation for players is that to some extent, real money is also involved in this game. The creators of the game didn’t want this to happen. But, such is the popularity and addictiveness of this game that people are willing to spend real world money to get some in-game chips! Isn’t that ridiculous? It is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard!


I’ve heard that people are willing to spend up to 900 Rupees in exchange of 1 Crore in-game chips! On this very blog, I’ve published some Teen patti tricks and tips. And many people read it daily too. Actually, those posts have been written and submitted by my friends. But since it is my blog, I’m getting messages and calls from people around Gujarat, demanding in-game chips! To be honest, I was really amazed at this prospect!


Okay, now let us come back to the topic. Earlier, some newspapers had published articles about the game and how it was wasting productive time of students. Such news stories appeared couple of times across some leading newspapers in Gujarat.


Despite these news articles warning people about the losses that Octro Teen patti results in, there seems to be no change taking place. Not only do students waste time playing this game, but also workers waste precious office hours playing Octro Teen patti!


According to a latest news report that I read, the Government has decided to take stern action against this trend. It said that the Government was all set to notify Google about the bad impact that Octro teen patti has been having on people here. It has notified Google to remove the app from Play store and put a ban on it! If it is indeed true, then it is a good step from the side of Government!


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