Funny Lord Bendtner Memes Trending Now!


How many of you know who Nicklas Bendtner is? Well, according to the tons of memes, Lord Bendtner is the best footballer at present! Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery all come after him. The hashtag #lordbendtner is trending across various football pages on Facebook!

Nicklas Bendtner

Lord Bendtner!


Okay, let’s put the jokes and memes apart. Nicklas Bendtner is a striker. He plays for Barclays Premier League side Arsenal FC. So, what makes him the butt of all jokes?


Nicklas, as a young player at Arsenal, was looked upon as a much talented youth prospect. And he showed glances of brilliance during those days.


In Nicklas’ case, this brilliance on pitch was also accompanied by an arrogant attitude. As time passed by, his performance began to lose that shine it initially showed. Still, instead of offloading him, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger kept the player at Arsenal.


The manager also loaned him out, deeming him surplus to the requirements! But this season, Bendtner has been kept as a back-up for attack spearhead Olivier Giroud.


Bendtner had often proclaimed himself to be on par with the hugely talented duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It was these very statements that made people start making fun of him. Soo, memes and troll pictures about him started to roll out in large numbers!


Of course, the Dane is talented. But his performance has gone quite down these days. So down that he is down the pecking order at Arsenal. But despite this, he claimed that he’d like either Barcelona or Real Madrid to sign him. That he’d like to play for a big club in Spain.


This season, Bendtner has scored couple of goals for Arsenal FC. This plus his ‘samurai’ hairstyle has triggered a flurry of ‘Lord Bendtner’ memes. It seems like his memes are all set to overtake Lord Heskey memes!


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