NEWS- How Allhitdeals cheated its members


NEWS- How Allhitdeals cheated its members

Allhitdeals- it started off as an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) thing. MLM schemes almost always end up being scams or utter bull-shit schemes. Allhitdeals has proved it yet again. It turned out to be a scam, a fake program to cheat people. Those cunning bastards at Allhitdeals have now shut down their office, website and have disappeared with crores of rupees invested by people from across our country. Many of you might be hearing the name allhitdeals for the first time. I’ll explain more about how they started off, cheated and took off with shitloads of money.


Pictured- owner of Allhitdeals.

Allhitdeals primarily operated through a website- Hey, don’t bother visiting that site. Those dickheads have closed it down recently. To become a pro-member of allhitdeals, you had to take a membership by paying around Rs 7000 (I’m not sure of the amount). Once you get membership, you would be provided a username and password. According to the company, they had tie ups with E-commerce giants like Flipkart, Tradus, Koovs, Homeshop18 etc (all of it is bullshit, the company had been lying). The pro-members had to ‘click’ on ‘ads’ provided by these E-commerce sites on allhitdeals. For each click, the user earned a certain amount. In this way, by regularly clicking the ads, a user could earn around 3,000rupees a month.

According to the allhitdeals website, they are ‘approved by the government’ and have a registered office in Delhi. The company was registered by the name- ‘E-Fame Adsense Pvt Ltd’. Don’t you see something shady here? Adsense, really? What the hell does Adsense (Google’s ad program) have to do with these cheaters? Well, nothing!

adsense logo

Not related to allhitdeals.

These sly mother#@#@!$# cleverly used the term ‘adsense’ to boost confidence among the people on allhitdeals. So, from day one, these fellows had something fishy going on in their minds.

Hey, allhitdeals was not all about ‘clicking ads’. You could make quick money by referring people and making them join this scheme. If you managed to make join a ‘bakra’, you got 700rupees (something around that figure). Your earnings would increase in accordance with the number of members you lure in. So, was this site really about ad-clicking or member making? Actually, allhitdeals’ sole interest was the ‘member making part’. The site went hit among the MLMers and new members flooded in. The company raked in profits and things were looking good.


New member or new bakra?

The company allowed its users to have more than a single ID for one person. So, people, who are always on the watch of easy-money created as many as 10 accounts! It was perfectly legal according to the company! The writer knows a government school teacher who had around 14 Ids. He earned around 25 Lakh Rupees before the company busted! Let’s get back to the point- when the company’s profits increased, they revamped their site and introduced their own shopping portal and social networking portal!

The allhitdeals social networking website was a carbon copy of facebook. They just changed the trademark royal blue color of facebook to red and presented it as their social networking site! Now, about their shopping portal- it was the worst and the shittiest E-commerce site ever made in the history of Internet! I mean it guys! A simple floor mat available in the market at 200rupees was available at 1500 rupees on their site! Allhitdeals displayed shit products and put the price at insane levels!

They went on making many new changes to their site. One day, they came up with a new list of ‘Terms and conditions’. These new terms gave them total freedom to [email protected]#@ around with their website. Members had to accept these terms or their membership would get cancelled!

Later, their site went offline for many hours, only to come back online, stating that they had been doing some maintenance and shit. By now, they had call-centres too. But you couldn’t talk to the representatives. They always seemed to be busy somehow.


Pictured- call centre executive at allhitdeals

One day, they made an announcement that each member is supposed to have only one ID. Earlier, they allowed its members to have multiple Ids. They took this step fearing the regulations of the government. Further, they also had to face the Tax-filing ritual in March. The members couldn’t complaint thanks to the new revised terms and conditions put down by allhitdeals. When one tried calling the help-centres of allhitdeals, they always were busy.


Members’ reaction after allhitdeals went offline!   The

Soon, the allhitdeals website was no more accessible! They freaking shut it down and left off with all the money! Angry investors ransacked their office at Rajendra Bhavan, New Delhi. Thousands of people who had invested their money are now helpless.


Gone with the wind! Flickr

As of now, there is no information regarding the owners of this ‘perfectly legal’ and ‘approved by government’ company!


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