NEWS- Boston Marathon Blasts


NEWS- Boston Marathon Blasts


Two bomb blasts rocked the Boston Marathon on Monday. The blasts took place near the finish line. The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and widely followed event. President Barack Obama said that the culprits will be brought to justice. The latest reports state that 3 deaths have been confirmed and more than 140 are seriously injured. Children and women are also present among the injured.

The first blast took place near the finish line. The second bomb went off a few seconds later. The second blast took place some 90 meters away from the first one. The blast happened four hours into the marathon. By then, almost all the professional marathon runners had crossed the lines. The blast happened when mostly amateur marathoners were crossing the line.

Medical authorities arrived at the venue and the medical tents were used to assist the injured and wounded people. Witnesses say that the blast resulted in broken limbs. The doctors also said that they were removing ‘ball bearings’ from the bodies of the injured.

A website has been setup for people to check the whereabouts of their loved ones who took part in the marathon. Police have been known to search an apartment in Revere, Masachusetts. It is being said that there is a possible connection with the blasts.

After primary investigation of the spot of event, investigators has told that the bomb could be small home made bomb. There was no trace of C4 or other similar powerful bomb making materials. The bomb, it seems was stuffed with shrapnels and ball bearings. The injuries caused by the blasts suggest so. Police also recovered live bombs and dismantled them.

It is being reported that FBI will investigate this matter. No terrorist organisation has stepped forward to claim the responsibility yet. The attack has been termed as a terrorist attack by the government.


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