My two favorite ‘I could have done better’ moments of soccer

Author- Rahul Jain

Life is a bitch. It often brings to us scenarios where we, under the pressure, sense of urgency and state of mind take on the point decisions. Sometimes the decision clicks while sometimes it fails miserably. The worst part is that years later the thoughts flow back to our mind and we wish that we could have done better than what we did back then. In sports one can find a plethora of such moments where a player messed it all up only to regret about it later. These thoughts are known to ‘haunt’ the minds of the people. Here the author has selected the three top ‘ I could have done better’ moments from the world’s favourite sport.


Robben’s WC Final missed chance:


The  place: South Africa.

Event: 2010 FIFA WC Final.

Arjen Robben has got many such moments to his name. For example the penalty miss in the last Champions League Final. But the WC situation is altogether a different ball game. The stakes were higher, a nation’s dream was shattered after that game. The game till the 60th minute saw no goals and was turning into a rough physical affair. It seemed that the team that breaks  the deadlock will take the cup home. It was showering yellow cards and the tension was rising. That was when Wesley Sneijder put Robben through after the former threaded a beast of a pass, splitting the Spanish defence. The pass left the defence behind and Robben was one-on-one with Casillas. Almost half of the audience conceived a goal in their mind. But Robben/Casillas had other plans. Robben’s shot was deflected by the on-rushing Casillas’ foot and went out of play instead of going to the back of the net. Robben in despair knelt down, clutching his head, ruing the missed chance. The match was half lost there. Later Robben went on to say that the miss will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Wenger’s list of lost and almost signed players:


Arsene Wenger is a great coach and manager. His scouting abilities are almost unmatched in the management fraternity. The list of stars he ‘created’ includes Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas etc. But the last 7 years has not been so fruitful for Le Professor. Time and again his star players have departed for greener pastures blaming it on his lack of ambition and the direction in which the club was heading. The latest ‘defector’ being the former captain and talismanic forward Robin Van Persie. Robin now scores goals for rivals Man Utd and his team now sits comfortably on top of the table! Arsene had always been reluctant to splash out the cash on transfers in the past. The list of players that he had a real chance of signing are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Yaya Toure, Ibrahimovic The Great, Didier Drogba, Gareth Bale and more. He missed out on these players for some reason or the other. Cristiano had had meetings with Wenger a couple of times and was almost signed before Man Utd snooped him up right under Wenger’s nose. Yaya Toure had trials with Arsenal but went to other club when Arsenal failed to  hustle out his work permit, which was not available. Apparently Ibra didn’t like Wenger’s attitude and Bale wasn’t sure about his future at Arsenal. At present seeing the present value and potential of these player, Wenger would be saying, ”I could have…”.

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