A reason why you shouldn’t wear a moustache and beard

In many countries, moustache is considered the symbol of manliness. One can see old folks proudly sporting those ‘heavy’ moustaches. Many silver-screen heroes of yesteryears sported one and wooed the female audiences. What if I say they are harmful? Well, you wouldn’t mind it because I’m not a freaking scientist! But what if the Russian scientists too have the same thing to say? You will take it more seriously!

cool or dangerous?

A team of Russian researchers analyzed and studied the air inhaled by men with moustaches and beards. Can you guess what they found? The air inhaled was found to contain traces of toxic substances! These included: phenol, benzene, toluene, hydrogen sulphide, acetone and acetic acid! Literally a damn chemistry lab!

But how does this happen? Well, these substance were exhaled by the person, we all do exhale the same substances in very small amounts. The hair surface of the moustache and beards absorb these substances and they are re-inhaled by the person.

Have you heard about MPC? It stands for Maximum Permissible Concentration of harmful pollutants. The MPC of clean air is less than 1. The MPC of the inhaled air by a moustache-walla was found to be 4.2 times greater than that of clean air. Sometimes, if the beard is big and ‘unclean’ enough, this level could rises up to 8 times the MPC.

Now if the moustache-walla is a smoker, the toxic gases increases and causes more damage. For your information: Tobacco smoke contains more than 200 toxic substances, a la Dexter’s Lab.  Danger level: 24.7 times the MPC!

So guys, it is better not to wear a moustache!

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