More Unheard secrets and interesting facts about Sachin Tendulkar


More Unheard secrets and interesting facts about Sachin Tendulkar

Rare photo of Sachin Tendulkar

Rare photo of Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar- he needs no introduction. He is like an elder son to the mothers of our country, a superhero for children and a good role model for the youth of our country. What makes him special is that after all these achievements, he still remains humble and down to earth. He is a man of character. That is why he refused an endorsement offer worth over Rs 20 crore made by a liquor brand. Media channels offered him enormous sums of money for the rights to video shoot his marriage, but he refused to accept the offers. Former English skipper Artherton once said about Sachin Tendulkar- “It is hard for me to believe that Sachin is a human being.”

An article was published on Sachin’s birthday on this site. It was related to interesting facts about him. Well, here is another one, also related to some unheard and interesting facts about him. Enjoy the post.

1 Sachin is a right handed batsman and bowler. But he uses his left hand to eat and write.

2 Sachin is a foodie. He loves eating homemade food. He is also a master cook. His master dish is the Brinjal-masala curry.

3 In childhood, while playing hide and seek, when his chance came to find others, little Sachin would not try to find his friends. Instead, he would hide. When the bored friends would come out after hiding for long, Sachin would catch them!

4 On his debut match against Pakistan, the pads worn by Sachin were gifted to him by Sunny Gavaskar.

5 During his schooling years, Sachin used to idolize Caribbean batting sensation Viv Richards.

6 Sachin scored his first test century at Old Trafford in England. He got close to Anjali after this test series.

7 Virgin Comics is set to release a comic series featuring Sachin Tendulkar as a superhero!

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