Top 4 mCent referral tricks to get more free talk time

mCent is an awesome app that helps users get free talk time by trying out new apps. This app is available on the Google Play Store for free. Let me tell you how it works. First of all, a user has to download the app from Play Store. Then he/she must register after opening the app. After registration, on the app dashboard, one will get to see download offers. Certain amount will be credited to the mCent account of the user when he/she downloads an app from the dashboard and tries it out! mCent also has an awesome referral scheme. When you refer a friend using your unique referral link, you’ll be paid credit ranging from 10 Rupees to 100 Rupees! Usually it is above 30 Rupees. So imagine referring 10 friends a day. In the worst scenario, you’ll get 300 Rupees talk time! If you are lucky, you may even get 3000 Rupees talk time! In this article, I’ll show you some effective ways to promote your referral link and thus earn more talk time using mCent’s referral program.


Where to find the referral link?

Go through the registration process and open up the dashboard. You’ll see the section circled and highlighted in the below image.

mCent app

Just click on it and you will be taken to a page as shown below.

mCent referral link

There, you’ll find your unique referral link. Also, the stats related to earning and number of referrals are also kept there.


How to increase number of mCent referrals-

Please note that I won’t be sharing any shady tricks such as uninstalling and re-installing the app and then registering using another number etc! These are foul means and the app has become smart enough to sniff out such foul means!

What I’ll be sharing are genuine means-


#1 Using Facebook page-

This is an excellent way to get started! If you have a Facebook page with decent follower base and activity, then you may promote your unique referral link over there! But please note that you do not end up overdoing it though!

While sharing the referral link on the Facebook page, make sure that you also write a catchy description and some details regarding the app. Also, make sure that a good image also appears along with the link.

You may also ‘boost’ and ‘promote’ the post if you have Facebook ad coupons available!


#2 You may promote link on your own site/blog-

I’ve been doing this thing! And I’ve been getting results too! So far, I’ve got nearly 1000 Rupees mCent credits. It is like I’m getting my mobile recharged for free each week!

I managed to insert mCent referral link to some ‘money making sites’ article that I wrote a while ago. I also wrote a catchy description about how the app works and all. Than to that effort, people using Android phone often click on that link. Some even install and try the app out, helping me earn referral money!

If you own a site/blog, you may promote your referral link cleverly over there! If you don’t have a site/blog, you may start one for free using Blogger or WordPress. These services will let you create free blogs!


#3 Use social sharing sites like Justretweet-

Such sites will help you make your Tweets get Retweeted! Just register on the site Justretweet and promote others’ stuff first. This will help you earn credits for your own use.

You may then use those credits to promote your own stuff. You may spend credits to get your own link promoted on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc!

If you manage to create a good Tweet containing you referral link, good hash tags, good description etc, you may catch many eyeballs using this service. This site will help your content get more Retweets, Facebook shares, Google +1s etc. It automates the process. In that process, it also increases the exposure that your referral link gets!


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#4 Using WhatsApp groups-

Sending referral link to WhatsApp contacts is a regular practice. But may fail to look at WhatsApp groups and make use of them!

You may share your mCent referral link on WhatsApp groups and thus target wider audience at one go! You must be careful not to overdo this promotion stuff on the group though! This may sometimes annoy the group members.

You may also start a group about useful stuff like- ‘money making tips’, ‘useful tips and hacks’ etc. After that, you may share referral links there once in a while!

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