Management Courses After 12th: Details, Eligibility, Scope & More

12th Science, Commerce and Arts stream students have lots of professional courses to choose from! I’ve already published articles where I’ve listed some of the best courses that one may pursue after 12th Science, Commerce and Arts streams. Most of these professional courses are either related to Technology, Biology, Commerce and Arts. For 12th students, there are not too many management related professional courses available. Having said that let me also tell you that there exists some good management related courses, which any stream’s student may pursue after 12th. In this article, I will list those top management courses, which can be pursued by students who have completed 12th Science/Commerce/Arts stream schooling!

management courses after 12th

Top management courses to do after 12th

The entries are not ranked in ascending or descending order. I’ve just listed them down.



BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA’s course duration is 3 years. There exists many Private as well as Government Institutes, which offers this course.


It is an Undergraduate course and even 12th Science/Commerce/Arts stream students may pursue it. After BBA, one may also go for PG (Post Graduate) course MBA. MBA will take another 2 years to complete! Some Colleges even provide BBA course that focuses on a particular discipline. For example- BBA in Airport Management and BBA in Event Management. If one pursues one such highly job oriented discipline, career prospects will sure get a boost! Some such well known BBA honors programs are-

  • Banking and Insurance
  • International Business
  • Aviation Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Event Management
  • Tourism and Travel Management


Talking about job opportunities, it is the private sector that offers ample job opportunities to BBA graduates. BBA graduates usually are tasked with managerial posts in MNCs, Offices and wide variety of other work places. There are Government sector jobs too, for which BBA Graduates may apply!



BMS stands for Bachelor of Management Studies. BMS’ course duration is 3 years. To the untrained eye, both BBA and BMS may look like the same course! To an extent, both BBA and BMS courses have lots of similarities too! They are basically Management related courses!


But upon taking a closer look, one can note differences between them. BMS is more focused on traditional management studies such as analytics. On the other hand, BBA is focused more towards core subjects related to Business studies. 12th passed students from any stream are eligible to pursue this course.


After completing BMS, students may go for MBA. When it comes to job opportunities, Corporate houses are the biggest recruiters. Small and medium sized companies also hires BMS freshers.


3 BBA+MBA Integrated course (right after 12th)

As the name suggests, this course is combination of both BBA as well as MBA Degrees. The course duration is 5 years. The biggest advantage of pursuing this course is that students won’t have to apply for PG course MBA after BBA separately. Further, only reputed Institutes are offering this Integrated course in India!


MBA is a PG course. One must be a graduate to pursue MBA, in the traditional PG format. Integrated course like this one is beneficial for 12th passed students, who won’t have to prepare separately for MBA admission!


4 Degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management

Hotel Management studies aims at preparing students to take on various roles in the tourism as well as Hotel Industries! Degree course- Bachelor of Hotel Management lasts 4 years.


After graduation, one may find a good job in Tourism sector. Tourism sector is booming in India right now. Government is investing heavily in this sector and is coming up with innovative ideas such as Railway tourism, Adventure tourism, Ayurveda Tourism etc. All this means that the Hotel Management & Hospitality Business will continue creating new job opportunities!


Following the action of Government, Private sector is also eyeing to milk Hospitality business. They’ve already started many ventures, which have resulted in creation of lots of job opportunities. In short, Hospitality Management professionals are in demand these days. Finding a good job in Public or Private sector won’t be a difficult task for them!


5 B Sc in Hotel Management

This one is not your traditional management course. But at its heart, Hotel Management course can be said to be a branch of MBA itself!


This B Sc course is 3 years long. After completion of B Sc Degree, one may also go for M Sc or MBA. You may also check – BHM course.


Hotels and resorts are the prime recruiters. With experience, one may climb the career ladder slowly and steadily! One may also start up one’s own venture too, like establishing school/college canteens, opening catering service, establishing corporate canteens, setting up own hotel etc.


6 Diploma Management courses after 12th

Other than the above mentioned Bachelor’s Degree courses, there also exists many job oriented Diploma Management courses also! The good news is that students from all streams- Science/Commerce/Arts are eligible to pursue these Diploma courses. I’ve listed some popular Diploma management courses below. Note that some Diploma courses are related to the Degree courses mentioned above. The duration of such a Diploma program is around 1-2 years.

  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Organization Management
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  • Diploma in Marketing and Advertising
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management


7 BA Management courses

Most of us see BA as old and traditional course that deals with topics like Philosophy, History, Languages, Mathematics etc. But times have changed. New Disciplines and areas have been brought under the umbrella of BA. 3 years long Management courses are also now available, under the label of BA program! Not all Colleges offers these courses. Still, BA Management courses are gaining popularity in India. Some well known BA Management oriented programs are-

  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BA in Retail Management
  • BA in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
  • BA in Travel and Tourism Management


8 BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)

BBS is a 3 years long undergraduate Degree program. 10+2 passed students from any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts), with English subject, are eligible to pursue this course. It is a good alternative to courses like BBA and BMS courses. The course focuses on traditional management subjects like HR, Marketing and Finance.


9 BBE (Bachelor of Business Economics)

BBE is a 3 years long undergraduate Degree program. 10+2 passed students from any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts), with Mathematics and English subjects, are eligible to pursue this course. This course suits commerce and arts stream students the most (because Economics subject is an integral part of this course). Though this course has elements of traditional business studies, much emphasis is laid on economics subject too! After completing this course, graduates may go for the PG course called MBE (Master of Business Economics), which is an advanced version of the BBE program.


10 BIBF (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)

BIBF is a 3 years long undergraduate Degree program. 10+2 passed students from any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts), with English subject, are eligible to pursue this course. The course focuses on International Business, latest trends and practices followed in International Business and Finance management.


Career prospects and job profiles

Management professionals usually are able to land administrative roles in companies. The job profile that one gets depends on the specialization that one has been through. Some such areas of specialization are- HR, Marketing, Finance, Production and Material Management.


Common places where management professionals may find a job include- Business organizations, Industries, Healthcare sector, Banks and Financial institutes etc. You may also check – MBA entrance exams in India.


Those were the best management related courses that 12th Science/Commerce/Arts stream students may pursue. During evaluation of courses, I focused on factors like job opportunities, demand in the job market, value of the course etc. The above courses fares well, when considering all these factors.

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