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Many of us know the fact that writing articles is one of the best ways to make money online. Based on one’s skill set, one can earn a decent income each month by freelancing and writing articles. But the main problem regarding this way of earning online is that it is difficult to get good paid writing work on the internet! Here, I will introduce to you folks an excellent, rewarding site that lets you write articles on any topic you like and helps you earn money! You will be paid each time a visitor visits and reads your article! Isn’t that a simple task! Wait, there is more exciting prospect in store for you. Read on for more details-

Update: Bubblews have shut down the site since they were unable to sustain the business model. Thus, it is not possible to make money from the site as of now. Readers may check out the list of websites to make money online, trusted paid survey sites and ways to make money from WhatsApp.

As I mentioned earlier, finding well paying article writing gigs is difficult. Most of the writing related tasks are Data Entry related work. One has to sit down and type tons of words. Sometimes one even has to copy entire books! In the end, the payment for this type of work will be paltry! Many of you might have already experienced this sort of thing!

But the site I’m about to introduce to you is totally different. It is a site for writers to write whatever they love the most. There is no topic restriction. Your work has to be original, that’s all it takes to write on that site and make money through those articles. Here we go, I’m about to explain in detail about that site-


If you have a Computer/Mobile phone with internet connection, you can use this site to make money by writing small articles! the best site to make money by writing articles

The site I’m talking about is It is a writer’s paradise. A writer may register on that site and write his/her heart out.

There are no topic restrictions. You may write articles on wide variety of topics! Here are some wonderful features of the site-


Bubblews homepage

Screenshot of Bubblews site

Cool features of the site-

#1 Registering on the site is easy! Yes, it hardly takes 50 seconds to register on the site and start writing articles!


#2 No topic restrictions at all while writing. You may write on any topic you wish!


#3 You can even write short articles! The length of the article is not supposed to meet any pre-set criteria. The article has to be just 2-3 paragraphs long, that’s it! So, no need to write giant essays!


#4 Variety of earning opportunities. You get paid for every view that your article gets. Also, for each like and comment that it gets, extra money will be paid! Further, there’s an attractive referral earning scheme too! I’ll explain the earning system in the next section of this article.


#5 It is a site trusted by many. Just visit the site and take a look at the testimonials. You’ll be impressed by their payment record. There are also many Indians making use of this site and getting paid on time!


Earning system of this site; How much money can you really make out of this site-

Basically, this site pays you for every view that your article gets. Suppose you write and publish an article on Bubblews. For each new visitor seeing that article, you will be paid 0.01$!

So, suppose you write a decent article and share it on Facebook, and ask your friends to view it, you will get paid handsomely! Suppose that 100 of your Facebook friends visit the article that you shared on Facebook, you will get paid 1$.

This is the case of 1 article. Write 10 such small articles and do the same process. This way, you will get 1$*10= 10$ a day!

Also, for each like your article gets, you will get 0.01$. The same thing applies for comments. For each comment your article gets, you will get another 0.01$!

On an average, you will be able to get around 15$ with relatively less effort. Repeat the same routine for one month. There are good chances that you will be able to earn around 300-500$ each month (approximate figure).

For Indians, this roughly translates to 18,000-30,000 Rupees! This of course is a decent side income, isn’t it? Money can be redeemed through various modes like- PayPal, Cheque to your address, Wire transfer etc. The payment is always on time and comes as promised. This has been my personal experience so far.

I must say that this site is a great place to earn money for students of India. They usually spend hours online. So, why not dedicate 1 hour each day and make decent money using this site? I urge you guys to visit Bubblews as soon as possible and register there and start writing articles! It sure is an excellent platform to get good side income!


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