How to make Money Online in India- a true guide


How to make Money Online in India- a true guide


We all need money and most of us spend a considerable amount of time online. Stats show that India has shown an increase in the number of Internet users! So, naturally, the concept of making money online in India is gaining heights rapidly. Better yet, key word analysis reveals that more and more people from India are searching for ways to make money online in India! This is a good news! But making money online is a tricky business. Sometimes, we feel that we should have an extra source of income apart from our day-job. Students also feel the urge to earn that extra cash easily to meet their increased expenses while at college. Many of us work extra time and take up part-time jobs to earn extra money. But why go through all that pain and hardship when you can earn some extra money working online?

Why you should be careful when trying to make money online:

Making money online in India is a tricky business because there are so many frauds out there on the internet. These frauds promise online jobs to earn money easily, only to cheat us later and dupe us. There are numerous ‘easy money’ online jobs out there. These frauds are well prepared and even have ‘genuine looking’ websites and testimonials to back their claims. As a result, people are tempted by the promise of easy money and working from home at flexible hours and join them. Now, most of these fraudsters demand the users to pay up a ‘small amount’ before start working online. Once the user pays up, the fraudsters cease all contact with the victim and take off with the money.

Usually such fraud sites have short life expectancy. So, if you really want to make money online, then you must have this ability to differentiate between fraudsters and credible ones. Remember, there are no free meals available! So, if you come across any online job where you can earn $1,00,000 per month working for just 2 hours a day, think about it! Such online jobs tempt people. But think about it, it is impossible to earn such a huge amount easily online. Yes, there are ways you can make good amount of money online in India. But that requires hard-work and consistency.

In this article, I will describe to you some true and genuine ways in which you can make money online. I’m not saying that you can earn huge amounts in less time. But you can earn a handsome amount if you put in the necessary hard-work. I’ve personally tried all these below mentioned onine money making ways and found some success. So, go through this article and try them out!

#1 Earn money for sharing linksshare links and make money

This is a relatively new concept. You can earn money just by sharing links! Awesome, isn’t it? We spend long hours online, so why not share some links and make money? There are many sites out there offering this service like and I’ve tried the Indian site called First of all you have to register on the site. Next, shorten the link you want to share using the ‘link shortener’ available on the site. Now, you may share this shortened link on social networking sites like Facebook or other blogs. Now, for each click that the link receives, you get paid! pays around 100 rupees for every 1000 click that your click receives. So, if you have a Facebook page with large fan following (more than 1,00,000 likes), you can earn a good amount of money. also has an attractive referral plan. For every member you refer to the site, you get paid 5 rupees! So, if you are serious about making money online and spend hours online, give such sites a try.

#2 Bloggingblogging

Blogging is an effective tool to make money online. Many bloggers, who started out as part-time bloggers, tasted success and became professional bloggers! You don’t need to have technical knowledge or HTML knowledge to start blogging. Content Management Services like WordPress and Blogger are designed in such a way that even you can maintain a blog even if you don’t have coding knowledge!

You can blog about anything! There are numerous blogs dedicated to hobbies like cooking, sports, gardening etc. For example, if you are really passionate about computers, start a blog and publish articles related to computers. Provide tips, tricks etc. If your content is good enough, you will get readers soon.

But how do we earn money from blogs? Well, through advertising! There are many advertising programs out there. The best one is Adsense by Google. Such ad programs place relevant ads on your blog. If your readers click on the ad, you get paid for it! The amount varies from place to place. Ultimately, the earning is directly dependent on the blog’s traffic. The more traffic you have, the more money you will earn. The proof that you can earn from blogs is easily available. Just Google it and you will fing many successful Indian bloggers.

#3 Writing Jobs

Have you got the ability to write good articles and content that the situation demands? There are many blogs and sites out there that pay money when you contribute your articles to them. Articles varies from site to site. For example, sports sites accept articles related to sports, humor sites accept hilarious and humorous articles etc.

If you can write up hilarious and humorous article, then is just the site for you! They pay you for your articles which they choose to publish! Another site is, which is dedicated to top 10 lists. If they choose to publish your article, they will pay you 100$. is a new venture by Listverse. Knowledgenuts pays you 10$ for an article they publish. These sites are not Indian. But still, they accept articles from Indians. So, there is nothing holding you back. If you are good at writing, give it a go!

So, if you have good writing skills, you can earn good amount of money online!

#4 Freelancingfreelancing

Freelancing is a very good option. There are many sites dedicated to freelancers. But the trick is to find the most rewarding site. Some sites offer you more money than the other. So, before you take up a project on a freelancing site, just pay visit to other freelancing sites too. Find out who is offering more money. Do some research on Google about the freelancing site which you want to join. Join them only if they have got positive reviews.

The advantage of freelance job is that you can work at flexible hours. So, this is one of the best online jobs available for students in India. Remember, only take up those jobs which you are qualified enough to do. For example, if your writing skills are not up to the mark, then don’t take up writing jobs on freelancing sites. Instead, only choose those jobs which you are good at. Check out this site for good freelancing projects in India.

So, these are some genuine and proven ways to make money online in India. Now, as you can see, these methods don’t guarantee millions of rupees in a month! But they guarantee a good handsome amount of money each month (like these paid survey websites). Stay away from sites offering online jobs, promising huge amount of money in less time. Always remember to do some research on Google before starting any online job. To earn money online, you must do hard-work and must have patience.


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