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Teenagers can make money online and even set-up their own business if they want to

We are back with another ‘make money online’ article. We have already published online money making guides like- ‘How to make money online fast using 7 proven ways’ and ‘How to make money online in India’. We have also published posts related to making money online on Facebook. But this post is tailored to meet the needs of teenagers and college students who have good knowledge of computers and coding.

make money online by freelancing

So, if you don’t have coding skills, this article is not meant for you. Hey, don’t leave in a hurry. You must realize the power of coding and the amount of money you can make online by coding related jobs. If you don’t know it, you can start learning it now. If you are serious about making money online, devote some time and resources towards learning it. I guarantee that the effort won’t go waste and will surely help you to make money online.

There are many sites and blogs that’ll teach you the art of coding. There are various coding languages. I recommend you to concentrate on the ones that are related to web-designing, app making etc. Some of the coding languages are- Java, PHP, HTML etc.

You may also attend institutes like NIIT. They offer great courses like web-designing courses, graphic designing courses, app developing courses etc. The advantage of such courses is that the duration of courses are short (most of them take 6 months). Once you finish the course, you can start to make money online through freelance projects.

The biggest advantage of doing such courses is that once you complete the course, you can work from home. This is great for teenagers and college students who also have studying to do. So, they can make money online without compromising their school/college life.

Make money online using the following methods :

#1 Make money online by becoming freelance web designer

web design freelancer

Once you finish the web designing course, you can start working as a freelancer and start to do web designing projects. There are many sites dedicated to freelancers. I suggest that you visit this one-

Just register on the site, enter your qualifications and look for the project that suits your needs. At first, you won’t get big projects and money. It happens because you are relatively new. Once you complete small projects and earn a good reputation, you will get more jobs and will be paid more.

An Indian entrepreneur named Suhas Gopinath started out the same way. He taught himself how to make websites and started making sites for others. His work earned him much praise and he went on to build a huge IT business company!

#2 Make money online by becoming app developer

There are thousands of apps available for various purposes. Due to the success of android phones in market, the demand of app developers has also increased. There are various institutes that offer app developing courses. The course includes coding languages like Java.

You can make money online by looking out for such app developing jobs on the internet. Again freelancing sites are the best source of getting app developing works. Register on a freelancing site, look for app developing projects and apply for the one you find best.

Once you finish the project, submit the finished work and collect money online.

#3 Make and sell WordPress plugins and themes

WordPress is the best blogging platform. Millions of bloggers use WordPress to run their blogs. WordPress blogs use various plugins and themes to function properly. Many of these plugins and themes are free. Many of them are paid ones.

If you know PHP coding, then you too can try your hands at it. Making and selling premium plugins and themes is a lucrative business. Bloggers are willing to pay for quality premium plugins and themes.

So, if you are qualified enough to do this job, you can make money online and be of help to bloggers. Visit to know more about it.

Learn how to make money online with good Photoshop skills:


#4 Make money online by doing image editing and graphics work

freelance image editor

If you have sufficient knowledge of Photoshop and image editing, you can make money online by doing freelance works related to graphics and image designing.

Many companies and sites are looking for freelancers to do image and graphics work like designing banners, wallpapers, Photoshop and enhance images etc.

First of all, you must register on freelancing sites and search for jobs related to Photoshop and graphics design. If your completed work is good enough, you will get more work and can make money online with ease.

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These are 4 ways teenagers and college students can make money online. But they must have sufficient knowledge to do such jobs. They must be good at coding/Photoshop etc. These online jobs are all about making a good reputation. If you do good work and earn respect, your value will increase. You will command more respect. You will make more money online next time.


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