Make Money Blogging- tips for low traffic blogs also


To make money blogging is actually simple. Now, increase your blog revenue by following these guidelines

Making money blogging is not at all a mystery. Many part time and full time bloggers make money blogging each day. This is one of the reasons why you should start blogging. Further, blogging is not that hard. The primary source of revenue for most of the blogs is ads. There are many types of ads. Also, there are other attractive options to make money blogging.

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The revenue generated by a blog is definitely dependent on the traffic it gets. But, bloggers can further increase the revenue by selecting the right type of ads, best ad positioning, choosing other effective monetizing methods on their blog etc. To make money blogging is a science. After going through this article, you will get a much better idea about how to better monetize your blog.


So, if you want to increase the amount of money you are making from your blog, you must definitely read this article. I’ve already written an article about AdSense and Advertisement guide for bloggers. This article will deal with more topics like- more ways to effectively monetize your site, more types of ads and ad providers, ad campaigns etc.

Know why does the type of ad plays an important role in deciding the ad revenue:


You can make more money by blogging if you choose the right ad type for your site. Successful bloggers are always careful when it comes to choosing the right type of ads. There is variety of ads like- in-text-ads, in-frame ads, banner ads, text ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, rss ads, CPM ads etc. I will describe to you about which type of ad suits which site, certain advantages and disadvantages related to some ad types, how it will affect the ad revenue and blog quality etc.

Know why in-text-ads and text-ads are better for blogs with low traffic:

low traffic blog make money

If your blog has less or average traffic i.e 1000-15,000 unique visitors per day, then the ad type that best suits your needs are in-text-ads and text-ads. These ads load fast, can be placed literally anywhere on your blog. Further, users are more likely to click on these types of ads.


So, if your primary aim is to make money blogging from the very start, then I suggest you to choose the above mentioned ad types. As, I mentioned earlier, they load very fast, they are less obstructive for the visitors of your site and won’t drive visitors off. This way, your blog will generate ad revenue without having an impact on your blog quality.


In-text ads will be automatically placed on the appropriate words by the ad provider, so you don’t have to worry about it. Place the text ads on sidebars and between paragraphs of your blog. If you don’t want to place text ads between paragraphs, place them at the beginning/end of the post.


New blog owners should avoid big banner ads and pop-up, pop-under ads. Banner ads may increase the page load time. Users often get frustrated due to it. Pop-up and pop-under ads guarantee money. But people just hate pop-up and pop-under ads. So, if your blog is new with low traffic, you must not select these types of ads which will adversely affect your blog’s traffic.

There are lots of good ad providers who provide in-text and text ads like- AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika etc.


In-Frame ads are best suited for blogs with average traffic. Read to know why:

average traffic blog make money

Blogs with average traffic (20,000-30,000 unique visitors a day) can try text and banner ads. But, for them in-frame ad is a great earning opportunity. It doesn’t obstruct the blog visitors in any way. According to many bloggers, the click through rate and the visibility of such ad is also great.


So, in-frame ad is a great opportunity to make money blogging for bloggers with average traffic on their blog. It also doesn’t spoil the blog’s look and page load time. Infolinks provides in-frame ads.


Know which ad types best suits blogs with above average traffic

above average blog make money

Blogs with above average traffic (30,000-70,000 unique visitors) would normally have established a loyal fan base and would have regular visitors. Such types of blogs have freedom to use almost all types of ads. Banner ads placed at the right place (preferably top right corner) will grab eyeballs quickly and get more clicks.


To maximize the revenue, I suggest such blog owners to use a combination of text-ads and banner ads. Pop-up/pup-under ads can also be used. But I suggest that you avoid them unless you are too eager to make more money blogging!


Another effective way to monetize such blogs is through affiliate sales. Become an affiliate of products related to your niche. Suppose your blog’s niche is blogging, try to market products related to blogging like- premium themes and plugins, hosting services, SEO services/products etc. If you market the right product the right way, your earnings from affiliate sales will surpass your ad revenue!

High traffic blogs have much more exciting opportunities

high traffic blog make money

High traffic blogs can try a variety of ad types. One most common type of ad successfully used by high traffic blogs is CPM (Cost Per Mille) ad. Suppose the CPM rate of an ad provider is 0.5$, it means that the ad will fetch you 0.5$ for 1,000 impressions that the ad gets. Usually CPM ads are like banner ads only. Blogs with high traffic can earn good revenue through CPM ads. Adtegrity provides good CPM ads.


Writing paid reviews is another source of revenue. While writing paid reviews, make sure that the product you are writing the review for is useful and of good quality. Don’t just write for the sake of money!


Affiliate sales related to the niche of the blog can also be a huge source of income. You may also sell personal services related to your blog. Suppose your blog is related to SEO, you may offer SEO consultancy services. Since your blog has high traffic and is a reputed one, offers will come for sure. So, bloggers with huge traffic blogs not only make money blogging, but through other sources and opportunities also.


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High traffic blog owners can also choose to have private ad campaigns on their blog. Since the blog has huge traffic, companies (the ones related to your blog’s niche) will be willing to start ad campaigns on it. Such campaigns may also be related to events. For example- a popular sports blog getting ad campaign from a cricket gear manufacturing company during a World Cup.

Optimize your blog to enhance ad revenue


If you seriously want to make more money from your blog and monetize it to its fullest, consider optimizing your blog to better accommodate your ads. Purchase premium themes that have more ad placement and customization options. Placing ads will definitely affect the page load time, so, it is necessary to make up for it by optimizing your site further. Pay more attention towards ad placement. So, you want to make money blogging? Follow these guidelines, choose your ads carefully and you can monetize your blog to its fullest!


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