Mahatma Gandhi and Indians


Mahatma Gandhi and Indians


Mahatma Gandhi is the father of nation. He, helped India achieve independence from the British through Satyagraha and non-violent means. Literally, he lived and died for India and its people. That is why we call him the ‘father of our nation’. Gandhiji is a source of inspiration for Indians. Indians now live and die for Gandhiji. Hey, not the ‘real Gandhiji’ or his ideals, but for the Gandhiji shown below.

mahatma gandhi on currency notes

True story!

Yes, presently, Indians live and die for this Gandhi, who can be seen on currency notes! People even kill each other for earning this ‘Gandhiji’. So, wouldn’t it be safe to say that we all live and die for ‘Gandhiji’?


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