Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Congress Vs BJP


Lok Sabha election 2014 is a hot topic of debate right now! Opinion polls are being conducted. Many such polls indicate that this time, things are looking good for BJP. Congress has enough to worry about right now. So, all this makes LS election 2014 a grand affair! Will troubled Congress be able to hang on? Or will BJP trounce them and take their seat? All these questions will be answered after the elections.

2014 General Elections in India will be an interesting affair!

Indian National Congress has got lots of worries. The biggest worry that threatens to dethrone them is the charge of corruption. Many high profile scams and scandals have happened during their reign this term. The notable ones are- 2G scam, Commonwealth games scam etc.


These scandals have tarnished the image of the party. The insane amounts of money involved in these scandals are enough to change any voters’ minds! Recently, the image of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was also tarnished when the Coal Scam saga resurfaced.


Another headache is that of poor economic growth and inflation. Petrol price has sky rocketed in the past few months. The prices of many essential commodities, vegetables etc has also increased. On one side, ministers are lavishly spending loads of money for their foreign travels and other expenses, loads of money is siphoned off through corruption, scams and scandals. On the other side, the prices of commodities are increasing. This apparently will make the common man of India to vote out Congress and bring in change this election.


Now let us talk about the other powerhouse party- BJP. They look stronger than ever before. Their PM candidate and talisman Narendra Modi is on a roll right now. Modi has done an excellent job in Gujarat. Gujaratis love him. They love him for a reason. He has literally transformed the fortunes of Gujarat. Indians from other states are also aware of the prosperity his reign has brought to Gujarat.


Indians want Modi to transform India the same way he transformed Gujarat! BJP, aware of this master orator’s skills, are using his skills very well. He has been campaigning for BJP in a number of states. Hordes of people throng to attend his speeches. You may even see pro Narendra Modi merchandise in the market. Products like bags, T shirts etc with the slogan ‘Modi Lao Desh Bachao’ can be seen throughout India.


All this gives BJP an edge over their rivals Congress. But many people also believe that Congress will come up with a last ditch effort to strengthen their campaign and weaken their opponent’s campaign for 2014 elections.


Last but not the least, the youngsters of India will play a key role in deciding the outcome of 2014 General Elections. They are fed up with the rotten policies, inefficiency, corruption etc. They want transformation. They will decide the outcome of this Congress Vs BJP duel. Youngsters are more aware of political affairs right now. They don’t shy away from voting and elections. They are active on Social Networking sites. Political parties are also active on such sites and together, they can change the course of the elections this time. Narendra Modi, right now is having much influence on youngsters. Let us wait and watch for this epic Congress Vs BJP election battle!


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