List of 10 important Holy Places


List of 10 important Holy Places


Holy places are places that are specially revered by the followers of a certain religion. Such holy places have great cultural importance too. A holy place may be the location of a shrine, holy-river, place of birth of a religious leader etc. Millions of devotees throng such holy sites everywhere around the world. Here is a list of important and top holy places of different religions.

1 Mecca

Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia and Muslims come to this city on pilgrimage. When Muslims pray, they always pray, facing the direction of Mecca. The ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ states that a Muslim man should at least go on pilgrimage to Mecca once in his lifetime.

2 Medina

The place where the tomb of prophet Muhammad is located. Located in Saudi Arabia.

3 Vatican City

The smallest country in the world, land-locked by Italy. It is the main centre of Roman Catholic believers.

4 Bethlehem

Located in Israel, it is the birth place of Jesus Christ.

5 Jerusalem

This holy city is located in Israel and has places of pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

6 River Ganga

Ganga is a sacred river for Hindus of India. They believe that taking dip in the river will wash off all their sins.

7 Amritsar

This holy city is located in India. The most important shrine of Sikh religion- The Golden Temple is located in this city.

8 Lhasa

Located in Tibet, this place is the main centre of Tibetan Buddhism.

9 Udvada

Udvada is located in South Gujarat, India. It is home to The Atash Behram, the most sacred and important Zoroastrian temple in India.

10 Mount Shasta

Located in California, USA, this inactive volcano is a sacred site for Native Americans.

There are other important Holy places too, that I’ve not included in this list. Please feel free to mention them in the comments section below.


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