Interesting facts about Indian Politics and Corruption


Some funny and interesting facts about Indian Politics and Corruption

Corrupt politicians and their skyrocketing assets have definitely boosted the concept of making politics a career. Young Indians are very ambitious. They are hard-working and determined too. They are very careful when it comes to choosing the right career. Indian students always dreamt of becoming one the following- Doctor, Engineer, IAS officer, Government employee etc. But the recent developments in politics has led them to a new career path.

funny Indian politics and corruption

Due to increased media coverage and activities, Indians are well aware of the big political scams and scandals. They are well aware of the money siphoned off by the politicians. They very well know that the siphoned off money is well beyond the reach of law and deposited in a some kick-ass Swiss bank!


So, thinking from a young Indian’s/student’s point of view, politics is a very good career path for them. There are various advantages in this career- financial and others. Read this article to find some interesting and funny facts, advantages and opportunities that Indian politics offers.


# It is the Highest paying profession in India


Yes, politics is the highest paying profession in India. Want some proof? Just dig into some high profile Indian political scandals and corrupt deals. Just look at the insane amount of money involved in them. You will come to know how rewarding politics is financially.


Your earnings ultimately depends on how dedicated and hard-working (corruption wise) you are. But one thing is guaranteed- if you have a will to earn in politics, you can earn insane amounts of money and live life king size!


If you want some ‘inspiration’ or ‘reason’ to choose politics as career, just go through the amount of money this dude siphoned off in a high profile scandal.


# Educational Qualifications don’t matter in politics


To become a doctor in India, a student has to appear for highly competitive entrance exams and complete courses like MBBS, MD etc. To become an engineer, he/she has to appear for entrance exams and pass 4 year long course. Similarly, if one wants to become an IAS/IPS officer, then he/she has to crack the UPSC exams. But when it comes to politics, educational qualifications don’t matter!


Surprisingly, when it comes to selecting people who will rule states and the country, educational qualifications don’t matter! So, for young Indian students, this is another big reason to make politics their career. They don’t have to appear for any entrance exams! They don’t have to toil hard day and night! They can make loads of money in this field as described in the previous point!


# Opportunity to accumulate huge assets


Many politicians’ life is like a rags to riches story. They are born poor, raised in poverty and are uneducated. Then they get involved in politics, becomes MLAs and MPs. By the time they retire from their political career (there is no fixed age for retiring), their assets would have skyrocketed.


This is quite evident when politicians declare their assets before elections.


# No fixed age for retirement


Unlike government jobs, politicians have no fixed age for retirement. This is a big attraction. One can earn as long as one can breathe! Want proof- look at those oldies who can barely move and are still ‘active politicians’!


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