Interesting and Funny Facts About India and Indians


Interesting and Funny Facts About India and Indians


India is a country where you will find various cultures, languages and lifestyles. Still, India stands united. This is a light-hearted humor article about some interesting and funny facts about India. Indians are everywhere. You can find them in any country in this planet.


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Indians are known for their hard-work, confidence and optimism. Many Indians like C V Raman, Mahatma Gandhi etc have taught valuable lessons to the world. So, let us enjoy this article. I repeat again, this is a funny article about India and Indians.

1 Motorcycle can accommodate 4 people!

A two wheeler is meant for two people to ride, right? One handles the control and the other is the pillion rider. You are wrong, at least Indians says and proves it. In India, it is a common sight to see whole family (4 members) travel on the same two wheeler! Somehow, they manage to reach their destination safely!

2 Crazy precision of Mumbai Dabbawalas

Dabbawalas can be found in the Indian city of Mumbai. The job of a dabba wala (box person) is to collect tiffin boxes from the house of office workers, deliver it to their workplace and carry it back to the residence. Now, these dabbawalas don’t rely on computers to sort and group thousands of dabbas to be delivered at different areas in Mumbai. They rely on certain symbols and markings on the dabba to ascertain its delivery address. So there is a good chance that they end up delivering dabbas at the wrong address, right? According to a report by Forbes Magazine, the dabba walas make just 1 error in 6 million deliveries! [email protected]#@#@g precise!

3 Amazing commute by Local Trains of Mumbai

Again, this happens in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is a heavily congested city. The traffic flow is freaking insane. That’s why many people rely on the good old local trains. But when too many people rely on local trains, what do you get? Yes, crammed local trains. During the rush hour, the train is so full of people that you can hardly stand without literally ‘kissing’ the person next to you! And pick-pockets ply their trade during such times in the train.

4 Nahi mila Khana to ban gaye baba

This literally translates to-‘ I was hungry, so I became a baba (godman)’. Yes, this happens so many times in India! Indians are very religious. In some Indian villages, superstitions flourish! So, many jobless people seize this opportunity and milk cash from superstitious people. The conman grows a beard, sports long hair and wears saffron clothes. He performs ‘miracles’ and can read you future. Many illiterate and superstitious Indians often become victims here.

5 The top paying profession– politics!Politrics

In India, every other day, you get to hear the news of corruption scandals of ministers and politicians. The frequency of such news has increased so much that people are now getting used to it and don’t give a shit! Lakhs of crores of Indian rupees are siphoned off by politicians to be deposited in tax haven countries like Switzerland. So, politics is a profession where you can earn shitloads of money in India!

6 Men bows before Goddess’ idol and later rapes women

As I told you earlier, Indians are very religious. Indian men go to temple, pray and bow before the idols of Gods and Goddesses. But the same men rape women! They disrespect women! I’m not saying that all men behave like this. But there is a small percentage of ‘animals’ among Indian males, who behave like this. All Indian men are not bad, but some are perverts. And these ‘animals’ should be shot!

7 There is no such thing as ‘dry area’

’Dry area’ here means the area where alcohol has been banned. A ‘dry state’ in India is a state, where alcohol is banned. The author is from Gujarat, a ‘dry state’. I don’t consume alcohol, but I very well know the fact that alcohol is available easily in Gujarat. Many bootleggers supply alcohol through-out Gujarat. Even the police authorities know about it, but very few of them act against such bootleggers. Many of my friends say that police and bootleggers are hand in glove with each other.

There are more interesting and funny facts about India and Indian to come. We will publish them next week. If you want to mention some funny facts about our country and countrymen, feel free to comment about it or use the ‘write for us’ section to give your views. And yes, I love my India!


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