Interesting facts- records related to body


Interesting facts- records related to body


Our body is a wonderfully crafted machine. It is constituted of many small and big organs and other components. Our body contains about 4.5 litres of blood, millions of red-blood cells. Then there are various types of bones and important organs like brain (which many of us don’t use!) kidneys, heart (which many of us don’t have-literally!), lungs, stomach etc. Then there is the largest organ- skin!

This article deals with records associated with the human body, like- longest hair ever recorded, longest nails etc. This article is sure to keep you entertained.

Longest Moustache



In India, moustache is considered to be the sign of manhood. It is sported by men around the world. But the record for longest moustache belongs to an Indian! Kalyan Ramji Sain of Sundargadh holds the record. His moustache measures 3.29m from one end to the other.

Longest hair


Why don’t you try this hairstyle?

Again, an Indian holds this record too! Swami Pandarasannidhi, a head of a temple in Chennai, holds this record. In 1949, his hair was measured and it was 7.9m long.

Longest nails



Again, an Indian holds this record! Sridhar Chillal of Punehad not cut his nails since 1952. When the length of his nails were measured in 2000, it was over 600cm long!

Longest Beard



A man named Hans Langseth from USA had a beard that measured 5.33m. It is kept in the Smithsonian institution, California, since 1967.

Longest hiccup



Hiccups can be irritating. Charles Osborne of USA started hiccupping on 1922 and continued to do so until 1990. Truly bizarre!

Longest sneezing duration



Again, sneezing too can be irritating. Donna Griffiths of England started sneezing on 13 January 1981 and continued sneezing for 978 days! Again, bizarre!

Best memory



Gon Yang-Lin of China memorized more than 15,000 telephone numbers!

Child Prodigy


Child Prodigy!

Zerah Colburn ofUSA was only 8 years old when he calculated the seconds elapsed since the death of Christ. He did it using mental calculations!

Again a child prodigy!

By age four, Kim Ung Yong of Korea learned to speak Korean, English, Japanese and german.


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