Interesting facts about the Mayan calendar


Interesting facts about the Mayan calendar

Mayan art

Mayan art- Flickr SMU CUL

There is so much mystery surrounding the Mayan calendar and the end of world according to that calendar. Many speculated that the world will end after the calendar ends. But they were proved wrong. That’s why you are still alive and reading this post.

The Mayan people lived in the Yucatan area. It falls in the present day Mexico. They had good knowledge of astronomy and architecture. They built amazing structures like pyramids and temples. The pyramid at Cichen Itza is an excellent example of their architectural expertise. It has four stairways, each consisting of 91 steps and a platform. This makes a total of 365, which is the number of days in a year. The stairs also divide the platform into 18 segments representing the 18 months of Mayan calendar.

The Mayan calendar is called Haab consists of 18 months, each having 20 days. This made 360 days. But at the end of the year, 5 days (called Uayeb) were added to make the total of 365 days!

Following are the 18 months of Mayan calendar:
1. Pop
2. Uo
3. Zip
4. Zotz
5. Tzec
6. Xul
7. Yaxkin
8. Mol
9. Chen
10. Yax
11. Zac
12. Ceh
13. Mac
14. Kankin
15. Muan
16. Pax
17. Kayab
18. Cumku


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