Interesting fact- formation of universe and life in a year


Interesting fact- formation of universe and life in a year


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Our Universe was formed shitloads of years ago. It all started with a big-bang according to the scientists. After the big-bang, stars and galaxies were formed, solar-system was formed, sun was formed, followed by earth moon etc. Later, atmosphere was formed, life started on earth. The early form of life was single celled organism. Single celled life slowly got more complex and complex living organisms were formed.

All this happened over millions of years. The time between the above mentioned stages were millions of years. American astronomer Carl Sagan came up with the idea of putting the above events in the scale of a single year. It was named cosmic calendar. He described us how the above events unfolded over 12 months.

This is how the history of our universe can be summed up in a year:

The formation of universe and life in a year
Date Event
1 Jan-midnight Big-Bang: Universe forms
15 March First Galaxies and Stars forms
1 May Milky way forms
8 September Sun forms
9 September Solar system forms
12 September Earth forms
13 September Moon forms
20 September Earth’s atmosphere forms
1 October Earliest for of life forms
7 October Early forms of fossils
18 December First multi-celled life forms
19 December First fish
21 December First plants and insects
23 December First reptiles
24 December First dinosaurs
26 December First mammals
27 December First birds
28 December First flowering plants
28 December Dinosaurs are extinct
31 December Homo Sapiens (Humans) are formed

According to this calendars scale, the events of the last 475 years occurs in the last second of the last minute of the year!

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