Insanely large numbers

Numbers are everywhere. Earlier, man could count only up to 9. Then Aryabhatta came up with zero, a fascinating digit. Since then, the numbers went on getting bigger and bigger. In this article, let us take a look at numbers, small to insanely large. The terms for bigger numbers varies from place to place. Here, the US terms are used for ease.


Number        Zeros


Thousand                3


Million                     6


Billion                      9


Trillion                    12


Quadrillion            15


Quintillion             18


Sextillion               21


Septillion               24


Octillion                27


Nonillion              30


Decillion                33


Undecillion           36


Duodecillion          39


Tredecillion           42


Quattourdecillion          45


Quindecillion                 48


Sexdecillion                  51


Septendecillion             54


Octodecillion               57


Novemdecillion           60


Vingtillion                    63


Centillion                      303


Trigent Billilion           60,000,003


Sextent Billillion         1,800,000,0003


Imagine your teacher punishing you by asking you to write an answer sextent billilion times…no notebook has ever been made to contain such insanely large numbers!


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