India’s Biggest Problem- Indians


India’s biggest problem is the attitude of its people

India is facing lots of challenges. A brave new India is all set to take place among the elite nations. Our country is home to rich industrialists and huge slums. Our country is riding high on paths of development and at the same time facing big challenges. This article is all about the biggest problems/challenges India is facing right now.

Which is India’s biggest problem right now? Is it corruption? Poverty or decreasing value of Indian Rupee? The answer is no. Actually the biggest problem that India has is the attitude of Indians. The ‘I don’t care attitude’ of Indians.

Problems such as corruption and poverty comes second and third in the list of India’s problems. I will describe to you the problems India has right now and why we Indians’ attitude is the biggest problem of all.

India’s biggest 3 problems:

#1 Indians

india's problem indians

India’s problem Indians- Wkimedia Commons

The attitude of Indians is the biggest problem of all. Most of the readers will frown at this. But this is the bitter truth. Everyone pretends to care about India. But in reality, no one cares at all.

We Indians have a common notion that it is not our duty to fight against the evil or raise voice against wrong doers. Watching someone doing a crime and remaining silent is as bad as committing the crime.

The attitude of majority of people is like this. They don’t care to raise their voice against wrong doers. This is what needs to change. This is what every Indian should actually do. We should fight against evil and should consider it our duty to do so.

We get patriotic on few occasions like – Independence and Republic Day, during India vs Pakistan cricket matches etc. This needs to change. We must remain patriotic each day. We must react and oppose anything that threatens our country and its dignity.

So, the biggest problem of India is Indians’ attitude. This needs to change if we are to turn things around.

#2 Corruption

Corruption is like cancer. It is slowly eating up our country. It is difficult to eradicate this evil. If we manage to solve the biggest problem (attitude of Indians), then it will become more easy to stop corruption.

I’ve written an article about ‘how to stop corruption’. Following those steps, corruption can be eliminated totally. But for doing so, our attitude must change. We must show zero tolerance towards corruption.

People paying bribe to get their job done is a common sight in Government Offices. By doing so, we are actually encouraging corrupt officials to take more bribe. If we all show zero tolerance towards corruption and fight against it, then this problem that India is facing now can be solved.

Politicians are big players when it comes to corruption. The way their assets sky rocket to thousands of crores indicates how active they are in siphoning off money. So many political scandals involving insane amount of money are proof of this.

If we recover the money siphoned off by corrupt ministers, then it can be used to solve the third problem that India is facing- Poverty- to an extent.

We Indians must realize that we are more powerful than the leaders and politicians. We have elected them. We elected them to lead us. But if they get greedy and compromise their values, then we must not hesitate in opposing them and bringing them down!

#3 Poverty

Unequal distribution of resources is a major reason for poverty in India. Corruption also plays a role in it. India is developing rapidly in fields like science and technology, but at the same time, a good percentage of India’s population lives in dire poverty.

These politicians, who set the boundaries of Poverty line don’t know life in poverty. First we should ask these politicians to taste the life of poor people of our country. APL and BPL limits should be drawn after this.

Poverty can be reduced if we put in a collective effort. Politicians, administrators and people of India must work together to eliminate poverty.

These are the 3 biggest problems India is facing right now. To solve these problems, we must first change ourselves. Yes, Indians must change their attitude. Only then will we able to solve these problems. If we want India to become a developed country, we must do it. We must change our ways, change our attitude. I believe that we will do it soon!


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