4 Indian leaders and politicians and their Shocking Secrets


4 Indian leaders and politicians and their Shocking Secrets


These eminent personalities are well known all over India. They were outstanding citizens of India. Some fought for the freedom of the country while some served as leaders and politicians of Independent India. They lived and died for the country. But, when we dig deeper into their personal lives, we find some shocking revelations and secrets. This article is all about revealing shocking secrets about well known Indian freedom fighters, leaders and politicians.

Some of you may be well aware of these facts and revelations. It is meant for the politically less knowledgeable. This article is not aimed at defaming or damaging the reputation of these leaders and politicians. The facts and secrets have been derived from reputed sources like ‘Wikipedia’. So, go through this article to find more about the shocking secrets of well known Indian personalities.

#1Mahatma Gandhi



#2Jawaharlal Nehru



#3Subhash Chandra bose and Germans



#4Morarji Desai



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