India- Population projections


India- Population projections


Population boom is a problem that will stunt our country’s development and progress. India constitutes about 18% of the world population and just occupies about 2.5% of the global land area. So much people and so little space. Mumbai is a good example of the above situation. People from varying planes of economic status crammed into a small space.

India- Population projections

India- Population projections

Below are some facts from the Population Projection according to the report of Registrar general of India.

The population if India is expected to rise to 1,400 million by 2026. This means an increase at the rate of 36%.

The birth-rate will decrease! In 2004, it was around 24.1. By 2025, it will decrease to 16.0. The reason- decreasing level of fertility.

Infant Mortality Rate, which was 58 in 2004 is expected to decline to 40 by 2025. The reason- advancement in medical technology.

The fertility level is decreasing among the population and on the other hand, due to technological advancements in the field of Medicine, life expectancy will increase. These two phenomena will ensure that the number of older people will double by 2026. It is estimated that the likely figure will be around 173 million in 2025.

Due to migration from towns and villages to cities in search of employment, education and better living standards, the urban population is all set to increase to 38% by 2025. It was 28% in 2001. An increase of 10%!

The Total Fertility Rate is expected to decrease from 3 in 2003 to 2 by 2025. This will happen due to pollution, changes in lifestyle, stress factor etc.

Off-Topic:: According to some international research, the human race will get extinct due to the ever decreasing Fertility rate. Yes, there is a strong possibility that befor the sun dies off/an apocalypse strikes, human race will get extinct due to lack of breeding.

courtesy- India Today.


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