ICC Women’s World Cup

It has been 40 years since the first Women’s world cup took place and yet it has failed to garner the attention which the men’s world cup has garnered over the years. Here we are- a couple of days away from the 2013 women’s cricket world cup. Recently I happened to see an ad related to this particular event on TV. It prompted me to come up with an article on this event. The ad seemed funny but it also shows us the lack of coverage that women’s cricket gets. Where should we point to and put blame for this pathetic state of women’s cricket? Gender bias? Lack of glamour quotient?


Let’s get straight to the facts. This time the event is hosted by India. Yes, our own India- in case you are not aware of it! Again, in case you don’t know- it is the third time that India is hosting this event.  There are eight teams participating in the event: India, Australia, Sri Lanka, England, West Indies, South Africa, Newzealand and Pakistan. The foreign teams have already arrived in India and are staying in the Taj Palace hotel, Mumbai. The final match will be played at Brabourne stadium, Mumbai.

Australia has the most number of cups-5, followed by England, who have won 3. The only other team to have won one is New Zealand. Yes, just three teams to have won the tourney over all these years! India, where cricket is a religion, suprisingly has not won a single women’s cricket world cup. The closest our women have got to the trophy was back in 2005, where we ended the runner up. Let’s hope that our women’s team also lifts the trophy at home, just like the men’s team did.



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