Hyderabad blasts- we are still vulnerable


Hyderabad blasts- We are still vulnerable

So, it has happened again. Another bomb blast, a twin blast- deaths, injuries, pain galore. Politicians keep promising that such incidents won’t happen only to make the same promise again, when another such incident occurs.

The blast took place in Dilsukhnagar area of Hyderabad on Thursday. 13 deaths have been reported so far and the number of injured people is over hundred. The bombs were planted on bicycles.

This attack reflects our sense of negligence. We have been targeted before. We should have learnt from the mistakes made earlier. Bomb blasts occurred in Pune not too long ago. After going through similar situations before, we still haven’t got what it takes to ensure safety.

We, the citizens are still as vulnerable as we were last time, when similar terrorist attack occurred. The authorities then promised to heighten the security and prevent such incidents. But where are we now? What has happened to those promises? There are more questions to be answered.

The touring Australia cricket team has raised questions regarding their safety in our country. Well, they have the right to question. We too would have done so had we been in such a situation. We criticize them, taunt them and label them cowards. But they are not used to such incidents in their country.

Politicians are beefing up their personal security contingent. What do they do to ensure the safety of citizens? The ratio of number of police personnel assigned to number of people in that particular area is pathetic. Have the authority got zero concern towards the security of the common man?

A thorough analysis should be made. What enables them to strike again despite our preparations (if we actually do any). The government must not only come up with promises but should get the job done. Particularly when the security of its citizens is concerned.

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