How to get Facebook page likes fast and quickly


How to get Facebook page likes fast and quickly


Facebook is used by almost all of you reading this post. We use Facebook literally for hours each day. Now, with the smartphone revolution and mobile internet, we are virtually using Facebook for the whole day! Well, blame it on Facebook’s appeal, one simply can’t resist it! Many people own Facebook pages. Some pages are related to hobbies, some are just for fun etc. Many times, my friends ask me how to get large number of Facebook likes fast and quickly for their sites. This article will describe you how.

Big sports clubs and teams have Facebook pages that are followed by millions. It is quite natural due to the large fan following. Similarly, big companies and corporate houses too have Facebook pages liked by millions. Again, they too have loyal fans, and in addition, they make good use of Facebook ads (they have deep pockets!).

But I’ll describe you ways and tips to gain huge number of Facebook likes for your page without breaking the bank. But you have to work hard for it! Here are the tips:

#1 Focus on Images

If you want to attract people towards your page, focus on using creative and attractive images. There are many ‘just for fun’ pages on Facebook that are followed by millions of people. Those pages mostly share funny images. People always like to visit light hearted and image filled Facebook pages. So, try to get more images on your Facebook page.

#2 Content is the King

Now, if you post just shit content in your page, nobody will follow it. When does your page gets liked by a user? When they enjoy your content and want to get more of your content in the future. So, post interesting, funny, informative, useful and engaging contents that will ensure that the users will like your page and come back for more.

#3 Get your posts shared

Sharing is a powerful tool. If your Facebook page gets shared by users, the page will accumulate more likes! But to get shared, the content must be interesting, informative and useful.

#4 Consistency

You need to post regularly and consistently to win the hearts of Facebook users. A page not updated frequently won’t get much likes! It is important that you have a good team of Facebook page managers (Admins) who work in harmony and keep the page running consistently. If you don’t have a team, rope in your trusted friends and start working.

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#5 Timing on Facebook- when to post

If you have a post which you think is very good, then publish it on your Facebook page at a time when majority of your fans and likers are online. This way, you can ensure that many of them read it and the post gets shared by them. These shares will win you more likes very fast and quickly. But ultimately, this all works if your content is attractive and useful. Hope these tips and tricks help you out. Be patient, results will soon show up!


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