How to get Aadhar card

All you need to know about Aadhar card and how to get it:


Aadhar card seems to be the talk of the town right now. Since there seems to be some confusion regarding it, I have decided to write down an article that will throw more light on it.


An Aadhar card contains the Unique Identification Number assigned to that specific citizen of India. Even NRIs may apply for it. The organization handling this project is the UIDAI. It stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. Aadhar card can be used to avail various benefits provided by the government.


So, how do we get one? The UIDAI has set-up number of Aadhar enrolment centre across all the states. One can easily get information regarding such centre. It is no rocket science! I suggest you locate the nearest enrolment centre for the ease of travelling. At the enrolment centre, you can obtain the Aadhar form. Get one and fill it up. It is easy to fill up. No fee is taken for the form and enrolment. It is free to enroll for one.


What if you are a migrant and working in another state? Well, no problem. You may enroll at any centre across India, irrespective of your state. It shall not be a problem as long as you have valid documents. So, if you are from Kerala and working in Punjab, you may enroll yourself in Punjab, provided you have valid documents.


So once you found the enrolment centre, you must know more about the necessary documents. You must have the following documents:


Proof of Identity- You may provide any one of the following docs-Passport, Driving license, Voter ID and loads of other documents.


Proof of Address- You may provide any one of the following docs- Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Ration Card and many more.


Proof of Date of Birth- You may provide any one of the following-Passport, SSLC certificate, Birth Certificate, Proof of Dob by Gazetted Officer.


Proof of Relation- You may provide any one of the following-Army canteen card, Pension Card, NREGA card and more.


You can find the entire goddamn list of documents here. I’ve opted not to mention all of them.


So, now you know the whereabouts of the nearest enrolment centre, you have obtained the Xerox copies of all the necessary documents, the enrolment is free too. So why wait? Head to the enrolment centre, get the Aadhar form and fill it up. Submit your filled for along with the necessary docs to the data collector present at the centre.


At the enrolment centre, the data collector will go through your form and documents and once he makes sure that all the docs are valid, he’ll start entering your data (name, address etc) in the computer. You must check that all the information is correct.


Apart from basic information, your bio-metric information is also gathered. Your fingerprints and retina is scanned and the information gathered. The last part is your photo. A photo will be snapped then and there. So no need to carry around passport sized photos!


After completing the process, you will be asked to sign the form and you will be given a ‘receipt’. Stage one is completed.


Your data will go to the UIDAI data centre, where it will undergo verification. If the details in your form are found invalid, you will be notified by post.


The card will reach you through post after 5-6 months (I got mine after 5 months).


Find more at the Official UIDAI site.


Hope you found my article useful.

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