How to detect Cancer and its symptoms early on


How to detect Cancer and its symptoms early on

Cancer can affect anyone. It doesn’t affect a particular age group. Cancer is curable. Technology is advancing very fast and the medical field is also advancing at a very rapid pace. Cancer can be cured easily if we detect it at an early stage. With the disease getting into advanced stages, the curing gets more and more difficult. So, it is very important to detect the symptoms of cancer early and start treatment early on. I just stumbled upon some tips to detect cancer early on and decided to share it with readers. So please share these tips with your friends and social circle.


Women should check their breast once a month for swells or lumps. Also check the if the neck, area above the collarbone, armpits or throat is swollen or not. If there are wounds in your mouth that are not healing, better see your family doctor.


It is good to go for a mammography test once in a year after the age of 35.


If you have persistent headache, vomits, forgetfulness or frequent emotional outbursts, consult a doctor and go for a head scan.


If you find blood in your urine, consult a doctor and do the necessary tests. Undergo the PSA test to check for Prostate Cancer.


If you find blood in your stool, black colored stool or excessive and long lasting stomach ache, consult a doctor and undergo the necessary tests.


Watch out for symptoms like swell in bones, tiredness and rapid loss of weight. If you notice such symptoms, consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, if you are diagnosed with cancer, don’t lose hope. Stay positive, the disease is curable. More than the medicines, our will power plays an important role in surviving cancer. There are many folks out there who have successfully undergone cancer treatment and are leading a healthy life. Remember, it is relatively easy to cure cancer if we manage to detect it early and start treatment early on.


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