See how photoshop and editing makes shit look cool!


Well, this particular entry was sent to us by a reader few months ago. I decided to re-publish this post again. This post is all about showing you how editing and photoshopping an image can litereally transform the image altogether! Yes, it can turn average Joe into a Brad Pitt lookalike! That’s the power that photoshop and other photo-editing possesses!


As you can see, we have a ‘touched’ and edited image here first. It looks great. Sparkling, shining, mysterious and intriguing! It seems to be a distant galaxy or similar stuff. Or is it an organism placed under a microscope? Whatever it is, the image is an edited one. Now, let us see what it actually is!


Scroll down slowly and find out what the original image looks like. As I said, the image is an edited one and it is sure that the original image underwent a transformation to look like what it now appears to be.





Aha! Here is the original picture for you, ladies and gentlemen!


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