Latest News and Information started out as a link shortening service. It allowed its users to earn money by sharing links. But now, it has stopped that service and has moved on to a new program. I still get visitors, who think that Guppit still has the link sharing service active.


Sorry guys, Guppit no longer has this program active. But, many folks say that Guppit was a fraud company. But I’d like to correct them. paid its users for sharing links. Yes, real payments were made. But I don’t know why, but they stopped that activity.


Now, it seems they have moved on to the ‘online shopping’ sector. They are now a discount coupon offering site. Earlier, they used to help users earn money by sharing links. But now, they let users save money online by making use of their service.


So what is’s new service?

Basically, they give their users good discounts while shopping online. No, is not an online store! They allow users to download their plugin. This plugin is nothing but a browser extension. Users have to install it on their browser.


Once installed, you are ready to save money! Wondering how this plugin will save money? Whenever you visit online stores for shopping, use this plugin. This plugin will show you a list of attractive discount/deal coupons.


Users can make use of these deals and discounts. In addition to this deal/discount, users can also avail the discount offered by the E-store they are shopping on!


So, basically, is all about saving money while shopping online. The plugin can be downloaded from their site Make sure that you visit the site and make use of their facilities. Save money while shopping and use the saved money to purchase other products! They’ve got coupons for online stores like snapdeal, homeshop18, Zovi and more.


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