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Today, I stumbled upon The site description states that it is a startup by NIT and IIM graduates from India. The site’s tag line is- discover, share, earn. So, how do we earn money from How does earn money? Is it reliable? Well, I’ll answer these questions in this article.

First, I’ll describe you how to earn money using Guppit. First, we have to register on the site. After registration, users are allowed to use Guppit’s link shortening tool. Next step is to shorten a link using guppit and share it on social networking platforms, blogs etc. When the shared link is clicked by others, you get paid for each click! You get about 0.1 Rupee per click. That is 100 Rupees per 1000 clicks, which is not a bad amount at all!

So, when a person clicks on the link, they are taken to the ad providers site for a short time and from there, they are redirected to the original site (the original link that you shortened). In this way, earns money from their clients and they share it with the user! This is how they earn.

Guppit also has an attractive referral scheme too! They award 5 Rupees for each person you refer to the site! Again, a very handsome amount! Now, also provides banner ads for site and blog owners. All this referrals come under a ‘network tree’ and you will also get a ‘cut’ from the earning of the people you referred to the site. also has a ‘social’ side! It has a section called ‘my interests’. You may select you favorite sports, movies, music and hobbies. So,, as the site description says, is a place to discover new content, share your contents and earn at the same time. Give this start-up a try.


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