Google PageRank Update on December 2013


PageRank is dead, they said. When Google didn’t updated the PageRank for a long time, many SEO pundits claimed that PageRank was dead for good. Since this news came from reputed sources, I too believed it. But this month, Google came up with the latest PR update! And I’m glad to say that has got a PR 1!



As soon as the update was made, webmaster around the world took to various social media sites to express their emotions! They thronged Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and vented their frustrations, anger, spread joy, happiness etc.


What can be learnt from this PageRank update?

Well, after analyzing three types of cases, I’ve found out some key factors affecting PR. The three cases I studied are- sites whose PR increased, sites whose PR decreased and sites with no difference in PR before and after the update.


Major factors influencing PR


1 Backlinks

Yes, my studies point out in this direction. PageRank can be influenced with the help of backlinks. A couple of backlinks from high PR sites can change the fortunes of your blog! I’ve seen how some webmasters used this strategy to increase PR.


For bloggers, guest blogging is the best method to get such high quality backlinks. To stop getting poor quality backlinks from other sites, you may use Disavow tool provided by Google Webmaster Tools.


2 Quality of the whole blog

Yes, the quality of the whole blog matters. Having a good collection of quality articles helps. Give attention towards factors like word count and originality.


3 Social Media Signals

A relatively new entrant. Google is now giving more importance to social media signals. The more your blog posts get shared on social networking sites, the better it is for good PR! Also social media signals also influences a site’s standing in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


These are the factors I arrived upon after the little study you had. Improving your blog’s score in these aspects will help you increase its PageRank. Let us wait for the next update.


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