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You might have seen how Google search engine works. You access the site, which is actually the form of the search engine, enter your search query there and hit the search button or enter key in your key board. But have you ever noticed Google suggesting some terms while you are just entering letters of your query? This is called the ‘Auto suggestion’ feature of Google. This feature helps users quickly find the query that you are searching for. But do you know how to get your name on that auto suggest list of Google? Earlier, I too used to wonder about it. That was until I started out blogging and found out the easiest way to get your name into that list, so that Google will autosuggest your name when someone searches for it.


You must have noticed that Google is real quick to suggest the names of famous people when you enter the first few letters of their name only. For example, when you type in ‘Bara’, Google will come up with suggestion of Barack Obama. Similarly, when you type in ‘Crist’, it comes up with the suggestion of Cristiano Ronaldo! We can look at these examples and learn how this system actually works.

Google auto suggestion

My name being suggested by Google along with other results.

If you notice closely, you will realize that the above mentioned folks are quite popular, in fact very popular. They are much searched on Google not only by you, but loads of people from around the globe! This is the best way to get noticed by Google’s auto suggest feature!


If there are many people searching your name, the chances of Google including it in the autosuggest list increases. After all, Google wants to make search an easy and good experience for the user. So, if your name or a certain event is much searched for, then it will obviously include it in the suggestion list so that visitors can readily search for it the next time! The same method can be used to our advantage as well!


Earlier, my name didn’t used to there in the auto suggest tool. But soon after I started blogging and my blogs became a huge hit with students, they starting Googling my name on the search engine. This had been happening for a while. Soon, Google noticed this term and included my name too in that auto suggest list. Similarly, you too can undertake a similar campaign. If you have web entities like a blog or website, things will become much easier. Or else if you are an influencer on sites like YouTube, Facebook etc, that too will come handy, for people are more likely to search for you on Google. This, according to me is the easiest to way to get the task done!


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