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Do you know what Google authorship verification is? If you are a layman, you might not be aware of it. But if you are a blogger, an experienced one, I’m sure you know what it is. Basically, it is Google’s method of verifying that you are the ‘author’ of a certain content you publish on certain sites/blogs.

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Most bloggers verify their authorship on their own blogs. It also comes handy for those who want to guest blog a lot and want to claim the authorship of their articles on other blogs.


Now, from a layman’s point of view, authorship is nothing but the ‘photo’ and the name of the author that you see on a Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page)! Besides the name of the author, his number of Google + circles will also be shown once the authorship is verified.


Google says that verifying authorship will increase CTR (Click Through Rate) and convinces Search Engine users to visit your blog. It acts like the ‘face’ of your blog.


There are two ways of applying for authorship. You can verify it through your Google + profile or using the e-mail account you have at a specific site/blog.


Google not displaying authorship picture snippet in search results


Okay, let’s talk about the serious issue now. From December 18, 2013 onwards, the pictures of many authors are not being displayed by Google in its SERPs.


It is not true in all cases. But many cases have been reported where the pics are not shown. The name of the author and his/her number of Google + circles is shown. But it is only the pictures that are absent.


I decided to search a bit regarding this problem on Google. Soon, I stumbled upon an article on this site. It says that Google has decided to cut the authorship pictures of ‘low quality’ blogs and its authors! And none other than Matt Cutts announced that this update will take place!


It seems this update has hit my blogs too! Oops… So, has it reduced my CTR? No… So far, traffic from Google SE has been pretty good as usual. But still, that image was cool, you know. Without the image, I’m not getting that ‘publicity’!


I can say that this update was rolled out on 17th or 18th of December, 2014. Now, let’s wait and watch that whether Google will re-display the authorship images once an author writes enough ‘quality’ content.



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