Ghost Light Mystery in India!

The world is full of unsolved mysteries. Mysterious plane crashes, UFO sightings, big-foot sightings, secret societies and lot more. Recently I came to know about a mysterious phenomenon occurring in Gujarat state in India. Upon some research I came to know that similar event occurs in Bengal too. So I thought of sharing it with you.

Chir Batti:

This event occurs in the Banni grasslands area, adjoining the salty marsh area in Kutch district of Gujarat. Chir means ghost and Batti means light in local language. So what is it all about? Is it dangerous? When and how does the event occur?



According to locals, the event occurs on dark nights. The light is said to be pear shaped and keeps on changing color from red to blue and green. It hovers above the ground at height of about two to five meters.  It may be moving fast or sometimes become stationary. People following the moving light often are lured away from the roads to the marsh-lands and get lost. These lights are notorious for luring away travelers to the marsh-lands according to the locals. As of now they have never attacked people.



Many BSF (Border Security Force) personnel and traveler groups claim to have seen the bizarre sight of moving light. Many investigations have also been made to throw some light to the matter.


A similar event is said to occur in Bengal too. The lights are spotted in the marshy area near the sea. Fishermen who follow the light lose their path and get lost easily. The local fishermen believe that the light represents the fishermen who died while fishing.

A logical explanation to the above phenomenon is that the inflammable gases trapped beneath the marsh escapes. When they come in contact with air, they ignite, producing the light. The chemical constituents of the gas being responsible for color change. Mystery solved. Or is it the other way, Ghosts?

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