How to get Huge Traffic to your Blog from Facebook


Tips to get large number of visitors to your blog from Facebook

Bloggers are always concerned about traffic. They can’t be blamed for such attitude. Decent traffic is what sustains a blog and keeps a blogger inspired. There are many ways to boost a blog’s traffic. The primary methods are: writing quality content and doing optimum SEO. Another significant source of traffic is social networking and bookmarking sites like facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. Here, you will be learning how to get traffic from facebook.


Social networking sites like facebook and twitter are ideal places to get huge traffic. This is mainly due to two factors: these sites are hugely popular (used by millions and millions of people around the world daily) and people spend considerable amount of time on these sites.

Bloggers from India has special advantage. According to some reports, a considerable percentage of facebook users hail from India. So, if you manage to promote your blog successfully on these sites, your blog’s traffic will increase for sure. And promoting it what you will be learning here.

Instead of promoting your blog on number of social networking sites, promote it on few. This will save time. Since you will be concentrating your effort on few sites, chances are that you will get an established readership from that site quickly. Here we will discuss only about getting traffic from facebook.

Make your blog’s facebook page appealing and active

This is the first and most important thing. If you want to harness the power of facebook, your blog must have a facebook page. The page should be appealing and should be updated consistently.

It is this page that will drive most of the traffic to your blog. You may also ‘promote’ your page at a nominal amount. This will guarantee more likes and reach.

If your blog is a multi authored one, you may assign a ‘team’ that will solely concentrate on managing your facebook page. Another way of engaging readers is by organizing contests and giveaways on your page.

Make your content go ‘Viral’ on facebook

This is a good strategy to attract visitors to your blog. Viral content is thus named for a reason. It spreads like virus! As far as bloggers are concerned, this virus is good for them!

What makes a blog post go viral? A blog post can be made viral by writing slightly controversial post. You can also grab eyeballs by opting for an outrageous title and attractive image etc. Ultimately, the content should also be attractive and appealing.

People get attracted by images

I’ve experienced it myself. When I put an attractive image on facebook (related to my blog post) and put a link to my blog, it got more attention.

I’ve noticed that by doing so, the ‘reach’ of the post increases and people are more likely to click on the link. Next time you share a blog post on facebook, remember to attach an attractive image to it.


Join groups on facebook that are related to your niche
There are number of ‘groups’ on facebook ranging from ‘sports’ to ‘science’. Bloggers should make it a point to join groups related to their blog’s niche.

Groups are where you will find targeted audience. Make it a point to share useful and relevant posts on the blog. This will earn you a loyal reader base. Don’t spam the group with your posts. Try to be an active member, take part in discussions, appreciate others and befriend likeminded people.


Timing is important
Timing of updating a post also plays a key role in the number of clicks that it will get. Try to update good posts at a time when most users are online. Otherwise it is very much possible that your post may go unnoticed.

If you believe that a post is really good, you may promote it. It is a paid service. But it ensures that the post is omnipresent in people’s newsfeeds and garners their attention.


Use social sharing plugins and widgets
Almost all blogs have it. Social sharing plugins can’t be avoided at any cost. I recommend Addthis plugin. It has sharing options for various sites like facebook, twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Fark etc.


Share for share with fellow bloggers

Facebook is being used by number of bloggers to promote their blogs. Chances are that you will find other bloggers who have the same niche as you. It is beneficial to befriend them.

You may go for a share for share deal, where he will share your posts and you will share his. This is a win-win situation for both. But before you go for it, make sure that the other blogger has quality content. Make sure that you don’t share content that will tarnish your reputation.

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That’s it friends. These are some effective ways to get traffic to your blog using facebook. You will have to dedicate some time and effort to harness facebook’s power. But the returns are worth the investment.


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