Funny picture- how people piss in public toilets


Funny picture- how people piss in public toilets


We posted an article some time ago, which was related to toilet and cleanliness. It was a humor post. You can read it here. Now, this post is a drawing which shows what goes on inside a public toilet, to put it more clearly- ‘how people piss in a public toilet’. Yes, we are obsessed with toilets! The author would spend hours in toilet reading magazines and operating his lappy while taking a dump! Hey,was just joking! You already know that public toilets are not good places to hangout in. You better hangout here, at!

Public Toilet

This picture says it all!

Like each individual has a unique fingerprint and face, they also have unique peeing patterns (I like to think so). Like the guy who likes to pee on the place where we keep our feet, the guy who loves to piss on the flush, the guy who tries to piss the farthest he can and the guy who loves to piss everywhere but the right place!


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