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Funny Indian Pictures


Friends, please check out our collection of funny Indian pictures. These pictures are desi and have got something to do with India and Indians. Well, India is a great country and we aim to build the greatest collection of funny images, memes and rage comics right here! We will soon add more pics and photos to this collection of funny pictures. But we would also like your help! You may also submit your own collection of funny images. To submit pics , visit the ‘write for us’ section of our site. You may easily upload images there without any hassle.

funny Indian picture gael clichy


This picture has been submitted to us by Rahul Srivastav from Surat, Gujarat, India. The man shown in this image is French footballer Gael Clichy. Now, injure Gael and he becomes Ghayal! Funny, isn’t it?

Mahatma Gandhi’s funny image

mahatma gandhi on currency notes- funny indian pictures

Mahatma Gandhi lived and died for our country and its people. He is the father of our nation. We respect that great man. But do we really follow his teachings and way of life? We all live for Gandhiji. But the problem is that the ‘new Gandhiji’ exists on 500 and 1000 rupee notes in India! It is for this Gandhiji that we Indians live and die! This picture aptly describes the present scenario in India! This image makes us laugh and think at the same time.

Uttar Pradesh Government’s logic

uttar pradesh government meme- funny indian pictures

India is a funny country. According to some of the politicians, IAS and IPS officers suck at administration. The ‘leaders’ feel that criminals and goons are much better when it comes to administration! Here is a funny comic criticizing the Uttar Pradesh Government’s decision of suspending Durga Shakti Nagpal, an honest and dedicated IAS officer.

Best profession in India- Politics

funny indian politics- funny indian pictures

The picture says it all! Which is the best and most rewarding profession/career in India? Government officer? Doctor? Engineer? Pilot? Well, the best one is that of a politician. You don’t require much education for this job. Once you ‘settle in’, you can make crores of rupees if you are ‘dedicated’ enough! Funny isn’t it? Well, the bank balance and assets of many politicians shows that this picture is more than just a funny picture, it is the truth!

Epic funny Indian English

funny indian english picture

Check out this epic funny desi use of English! According to the manufacturer of this water heater, the heater has been ‘tasted’ for ensuring safety! We wonder who might have ‘tasted’ this piece of metal. Did they just ate it or just licked it? Anyway, now we can use this product without any worry since it has been ‘tasted’ by someone! I bet you will LOL after checking this image out (if you know English).

Funny image-editing- Cristiano Ronaldo is drowning!

funny indian pictures ronaldo


funny indian pictures- cricket


Here comes another funny Indian picture related to Indian political and scam- COALGATE!

funny indian pictures political scam



funny indian pictures epic mess of earphone


how collegians spend time

This is how they do it!

This is how Indian college students spend time. I’m not saying that all students are like this. But it is safe to say that this image is loosely based on lives of many Indian college goers!


Hope you enjoyed our collection of funny, hilarious pictures. These images are user submitted and edited by us. Some images are our own. Indians love to laugh and we love to make them laugh. That’s why we are wasting time uploading crazy pictures here. Keep visiting this place. We will upload new pictures after revising and editing them.

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