Funny fact- A disease that helped America gain independence


Funny fact- A disease that helped America gain independence

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Diseases are bad, aren’t they? Diseases occur due to various reasons. They always cause us harm. But sometimes, diseases can be of help! America’s history would have been different had it not been for a disease! Yes, a disease changed many things for America. These changes were soon followed by America’s independence from British Empire.

Earlier, America used to be under the British Empire. Soon, the Americans were pissed off at the sheer bad-assness of the British. They soon started to fight the British and this gave rise to the American Revolution.

During the period of American Revolution, the ruler of England was King George III. Fortunately or unfortunately, he suffered from an illness called ‘acute intermittent porphyria’- an awesome name for a disease. He was affected by this disease, which caused him to show characteristic like red urine, neuro-psychiatric disturbances. This made people think that he was mad. The disease made him act like a mad.

The decisions taken by the ‘mad’ king due to acute intermittent porphyria led to war. The war was soon followed by America’s independence! It is widely believed that America’s history would have been whole lot different, had the King not inherited this freaking disease! Man, this disease is awesome! At-least for the pissed-off Americans!


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