Funny Chart: How College Students Spend Their Time


Funny Chart: How College students spend a day

Don’t take this chart too seriously guys! It is just another funny stuff related to college life! This chart is loosely based on the real life of many college students. Go through it and let me know if I have missed anything.

how college students spend time

This is how they do it!

# Sleeping

College students love to sleep. But they make it a point to go to bed late at night and wake up at noon. The sleeping time of college students depends on some factors like the battery level of their phones. The next chart is based on such factors.

factors affecting sleeping time of college students


# Watching pornography

Admit it college students, you all have watched porn in your college life. According to my research, of students of my college in India, collegians spend considerable amount of time watching porn. If you inspect their laptops, you would stumble upon a treasure of porn!


# Doing absolutely nothing

The idle state. This is what most college students dream about- doing absolutely nothing.


# Facebook

They spend a considerable amount of time on facebook. I stumbled upon a disturbing trend among male college students who use facebook. They would rarely like, comment or share posts and photos of male compatriots. But they would happily do the above things when the same shit is posted by a female!



As mentioned in the chart, it all depends on the mood and occasion. Usually, college students prefer to study on the day before the exams. They claim that by doing so, things they study stay fresh in their mind. Usually, such ‘days before the exam’ are accompanied by endless cups of coffee and cigarettes.


# Going to college

Depends on the mood and occasion. The probability of a male student to attend college is directly proportional to the number of attractive female students studying in the college. Students claim that by not attending college, they are avoiding the commute, thereby saving petrol and money!


# Planning Mass bunks

Planning mass bunks are another hobby. Students who plan such bunks are usually the ‘leaders’/’revolutionaries’ of the class. They face stiff opposition from book worms’ union.


# Watching Pirated movies

College students don’t prefer going to theatres. They believe in downloading their favorite movies from internet and watching it on their laptops. Usually, students buy laptops solely for this purpose. They buy hard-disks so that they can store as many movies as possible.

Hope you enjoyed this funny chart. I’m saying it again- don’t take this too seriously. This chart has been made solely for the purpose of humor. It is loosely based on a college student’s life. Share it if you enjoyed it!  Also check out this collection of funny Indian pictures we got.


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