Five types of annoying Facebook friends

Author- Sneha Shah.


Facebook needs no introduction. It would be safe to say that almost all the folks going through this post will have facebook id. We all spend lots of time on it. Some folks ‘live’ the virtual life. They have more friends on facebook than they have in real life. Coming to friends on facebook, I’ve noticed that they can be roughly classified into 5 types. These friends can be annoying at times.

The Gamer friend:

Apparently this friend is addicted to games like Farmville, Cityville and other shitload of games. But what is annoying about him is that he repeatedly sends us requests to join him.


The ‘serial status updater’:

They have lot to say, at least their frequency of updating their status says so. You can expect a status update each five minutes.


The ‘tagger’ friend:

They will upload random crap photos and tag us along for no reason. I have un-friended some folks due to this problem.


The ‘photogenic’ friend:


You could expect at least 10 photos from such friends in a day. They’d go out for an evening walk and upload 20 photos that night, naming the album ‘evening walk’. Things get worse when they tag you each and everytime.


The ‘obsessive commenter’:


Their aim is to get as many comments on their posts and photos. They’d go on and on, ‘commenting’ for each and every reason on their own statuses and photos.


Join us on facebook. We aren’t annoying.

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