Ways for girls/female aspirants to join IAF flying branch

Gender equality is something that has seen lots of growth all this while. Earlier, women were not deemed fit to perform work that men did. But times have changed. Women are now taking up challenging jobs that they were deemed unfit to do, earlier. Indian Air Force too has evolved with time! IAF now allows female candidates to join them as flying Officers! Yes, now girls too may join the flying branch of IAF (for flying Helicopters and Transport Aircraft, not fighter jets)! This article will reveal all the necessary details like- entry scheme, educational qualifications, age limit etc.

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Way for girls/female aspirants to join IAF’s flying branch-


Name of the entry scheme- SSC (Short Service Commission) Entry

This entry is meant to be used by both male and female candidates. Using this entry scheme, female aspirants may join the flying branch of IAF. But since this is SSC entry, the period of service will be 14 years. Unlike the Army, there won’t be any extension to this period of service.

Update: Now female aspirants may don the role of a fighter pilot in IAF! IAF has started commissioning female candidates as fighter pilots.

The age limit in this entry is that the candidate has to be between 20 to 24 years of age, when the course starts. There is age relaxation for candidates who are holders of Commercial Pilot Licence issued by the DGCA. For them, the upper age limit is 26 years.

The candidate must be an Indian national and must be unmarried.


Educational Qualification-

The aspirant should possess any of the following degrees. He/she must hold a three year graduate degree from any recognized University with at least 60% aggregate marks upon considering all papers. For such graduates, it is mandatory that they should have undergone science stream schooling under the 10+2 system, with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as their subjects.

In case of Engineering graduates, they must possess BE/B Tech degree from a recognized University. Minimum marks requirement is 60%, in aggregate.

In both the above cases, even final year students may appear, provided that they won’t have any backlogs at the time of SSB Interview. Also, they must be able to provide their graduation certificate at the time notified by the authorities.


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SSB Interview tips

Join IAF after 12th


Physical Standards (Basic)-

To join IAF, candidates, irrespective of the entry mode and educational qualifications, must satisfy a basic set of Physical standards. The list is quite long. But the main things that are checked are-

  • Weight and Height ratio
  • Good Physical and Mental health
  • Good hearing
  • Well developed chests (expansion should be at least 5cm after full inspiration)
  • Healthy Bones and Joints

For the entire list of Physical Standards’ criteria set by IAF, check out the charts provided below. You may click on the images to get an enlarged view. You may find the full set of Physical standards on the image. You may even save it for future use-

IAF Physical standards chart 1

First set of IAF’s Physical Standards. Click on this image to read! Click on image to enlarge!


IAF Physical standards chart 2

Second set of IAF’s Physical Standards. Click on image to enlarge it and read it!

Medical Standards (Flying Branch)

In case of Flying Branch recruitment, additional set of Medical standards are also present, which a candidate has to satisfy. Some important tests and things checked as part of this Medical test are-

  • Anthropometric Measurements
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Vision (Eyesight requirements)
  • Occular Muscle Balance

I’ve compiled detailed charts that deals with all the above mentioned Medical standards and tests. You may click on the images, enlarge them and read details with ease! You may even save these images for future use!

IAF Medical standards- Anthropometric measurements and some diseases chart

IAF Medical standards chart (Anthropometric Measurements). Click on the image to enlarge it and read!


IAF Medical standards- spinal conditions

IAF Medical Standards chart (Spinal Conditions). Click on the image to enlarge and read it!


IAF Medical Standards- Vision

IAF Medical standards chart (Eyesight requirements). Click on the image to enlarge and read it!


IAF Medical Standards- Occular Muscle Balance

IAF Medical Standards chart (Occular Muscle Balance). Click on the image to enlarge and read it!

Female candidates who are interested in Flying Branch must give importance to this additional set of Medical Standards too. Before they are subjected to medical tests, Flying Branch aspirants must also go through PABT (Pilot Aptitude Battery Test) and clear it!


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