FC Barcelona: UEFALONA jokes and memes trending now


FC Barcelona has got their fair share of critics and haters. A large part of that hate group is constituted of Real Madrid fans! I’m not blaming Real Madrid fans here. Ever since Barca’s 4-3 victory over Real Madrid, UEFALONA memes have started to flow like hell! And now, after Barca’s defeat to Atletico Madrid and their elimination from UEFA Champions League, FC Barcelona has again become the butt of jokes!

FC Barcelona players

In the El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Real fans and players claimed that the referee favored FC Barcelona throughout the match. Real Madrid’s main man Cristiano Ronaldo went on to claim that they were playing against 12, not 11 men, with the 12th man being the main referee!


It was since that day that the UEFALONA jokes and memes kick-started. The memes would revolve around the concept of referees favoring FC Barcelona! At one point, people also started cracking similar UEFA jokes on Cristiano Ronaldo. This was in response to Cristiano’s claim of playing against 12 men!


The jokes and memes would depict Ronaldo crying foul over random things that seems to support Barcelona in some way or the other. All this was followed by assigning the text UEFA next to that thing.


For example, if a NEWS Paper praised Barca’s efforts, the joke will yell out- UEFANEWSPaper! If the joke is on a referee favoring Barca, it would be- UEFAReferee. This was how a typical joke looked like.


At one time, these UEFA jokes became so rampant that things not related to this whole saga also began to be dragged into UEFALONA thing! This particularly happened on Facebook, in the comment section of Football troll, jokes and fan pages, as well as soccer groups. The joke caught on well with the football fans active on Facebook!


Now, after Barca crashed out of Champions League following their defeat to Atletico Madrid, again jokes on Barca have started to flow in! This time, it is based on the theatrics of Neymar, ineffectiveness of Messi in big matches, Xavi’s excuses and more. Add to it the transfer ban put on Barca by FIFA, it is clear that they are not having a good time!


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