Fast performing and data saving Android web browser

Which web browser is the fastest, which you can use on your Android powered smart phone? This is a question that confuses folks from around the world. A smartphone becomes smarter, when an internet pack or data pack has been activated on it. But to make the browsing experience a good one, the browser must have certain characteristics. Here, I will name the best browser, the fastest and the best performing one, for your Android phone.

Curious to know which one is that ‘awesome’ browser? Well, it is Opera Mini browser. I will explain some cool features and characteristics of it in this article.


Why Opera Mini is the best browser that can be used on your Android Smartphone

First of all, this browser has been built keeping efficiency and performance in mind. Yes, I agree that other browser like UC Browser has come up with performance enhancing features. But Opera Mini still got that edge. It is optimized, lightweight and stable at the same time.

Opera logo

Using Opera Mini browser will help you save more data than ever before! Yes, since images, site content and other stuff are compressed before loading them, lots of data is saved.

This compression feature also makes sure that the sites loads at blazing fast speeds, unlike many other browsers. And the customization features offered by the browser are also unparalleled.

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Another exciting and useful feature is that Opera Mini browser automatically finds and blocks ads. This is a boon for users. A bit of data is saved in the process and at the same time one can get rid of annoying and unwanted ads!

Besides all these points, the Android app of this browser is a lightweight one. It won’t consume much memory and RAM resources too. And it is a free app too, available at the Play Store!


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