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Facebook is the most popular social networking site right now. The site is very popular in India. I mean, lots of us, especially teenagers are addicted to it! And facebook it seems has took special care of Indians. They’ve made sure that Hindi remains a language that can be chosen by facebook users.


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Today, on 15th January, 2014, I even started getting reminders from facebook that I could use Hindi language on Facebook. So, facebook has taken a step forward and is notifying the users about the availability of the regional language. It is an appreciable action.


For those who don’t know, it is pretty easy to change language on facebook. I will explain the process here. These languages have been introduced literally long time before. But, surprisingly, the site has started reminding the users that the language is available and they may change it as per their convenience.


How to use Facebook in Hindi Language


facebook account settings


First of all, go to account settings by going to the small ‘gear wheel’ icon on the top right corner of the site.


facebook language settings


The last option you’ll find is Language.


hindi language in facebook


When you click on edit, you’ll get a drop down list. In the list, you’ll find Indian languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and much more!


Choose the language you prefer and click on ‘save changes’.


That’s it! You’ve successfully changed the language you use on Facebook! It was pretty easy, wasn’t it? I bet even your granny can do that!


How helpful will this action be?

The language selection will be very helpful for those, who are not much proficient in English. I know of old people who have trouble using facebook. They find English too hard to understand. For them, it became much easy to use facebook, once I changed the language to Malayalam.


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