Eyesight requirement for Commercial Pilot training

This post will be of help to Commercial Pilot training aspirants. Here, I’ll answer questions related to eyesight requirement that a candidate must meet, if he/she wants to undergo Commercial Pilot training and become a Pilot with Private Airline firms.

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Eyesight criteria for Pilot training-

These days, thanks to the extra emphasis laid on Air Travel safety, the selection process of Commercial pilots has been made very strict! Much importance is given to medical status of the candidate who wants to undergo CPL training and become a pilot.


When it comes to eyesight, the norm these days is that the candidate should have perfect eyesight (6/6) for at least one eye. And for the other eye, imperfection of up to (6/9) is allowed. But the imperfection must be a correctable one, correctable to (6/6)! This is a strict criteria!


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This is the general rule. But in case of different countries and their respective Civil Aviation Controlling bodies, the rule related to the imperfection may vary!


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