Energy crisis- challenges to be faced by India


Energy crisis- challenges to be faced by India


Clean energy!

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Electricity demand is increasing in India. The demand is increasing each year. Such is the rate of increase in demand that the demand will soon outdo supply. We do manage to produce energy. But it must also be added that the distribution of this energy is very irregular.

The scenario of energy-production varies vastly when we travel from cities to villages. In cities electrification is almost complete. While in our villages, people use other sources to produce energy like bio-mass, dung etc. It is used to obtain energy by direct combustion. Over 40% of the households in India do not have electricity.

To meet the present demand of energy, we are primarily using coal. It is an easily available resource in our country. But one shouldn’t forget that the resource is not renewable. It is limited. Given the growing hunger of energy in our country, coal will perish sooner or later. Then we will have no option but to depend on imported oil. The whole ‘imported oil’ affair is not a pleasant business given the increasing oil prices and the demands of oil in other developed and developing countries.


Efficient Production>>
Ample attention has been given to energy-production. But energy-management hasn’t received much attention. It must be made sure that the coal resources are studied carefully, extracted and used efficiently and judiciously. But given the rate of our economic growth and need for energy, judicious use will have to take the back seat. We should concentrate on renewable sources like Nuclear energy, wind energy etc. This will also have a good impact on our environment.

Fair distribution>>
After production, we should also ensure that the distribution is also done fairly and equally. It shouldn’t be skewed like it is happening now. The complete rural electrification hasn’t been achieved yet. At present, the village poor are using traditional sources of energy like cow-dung, which is combusted directly. This poses a serious threat to their health and affects our environment too. They should be provided with clean sources of energy like LPG, Kerosene along with the necessary apparatus. Another excellent alternative is the use of solar power panels. The cheap china made panels are good enough to last 10 years and are pretty efficient too. Projects must be started in this direction too. Rural population should get access to clean energy.

Being eco friendly>>
Due to the ever increasing demand for energy, we have stepped up our production dramatically.The result being excessive and in-efficient coal mining. Our over-dependency on coal resource has ensured that the thermal power plants churn out more harmful gases and contribute to pollution. The waste disposal related to it has also been a problem. We can’t just ignore our environment to satisfy our energy requirements. The solution is to enhance our efficiency and depend more on other renewable sources of energy.

To face these challenges, the Policy-makers will have to step up, rise to the occasion and deliver the best.

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