Economical and cheap beach holiday spots in India


Summer season is here again! As of now, the temperature is rising with each passing day. Apart from that, the holiday season is around the corner as well! People, in order to get a respite from this killing temperature, often plan trips to hill stations or beaches. Here, I’m listing some beaches in India, which are not only blessed with immense natural beauty, but also are economical and relatively cheap!

Beach in Mumbai, India

Most of the times, during summer vacation season, tourist spots, especially beaches, get over crowded. Also, various tour agencies go for the killing and raise the fares also. This usually happens in the case of very popular beaches- like Goa.


Due to the increased fare, overcrowded surroundings and lack of features resulting due to the above factors, the whole beach side vacation turns out to be an uninteresting affair! This happens with many families and people, I’m sure about that.


That’s why I decided to come up with this article. In this article, I’ll introduce to you some relatively lesser known beaches in India. These beaches, due to the relatively low popularity they enjoy, are frequented by comparatively less people. This has resulted in these beaches being ‘low cost’ for tourists. ‘Economical’ would be the ideal term to discuss the fare of the tourist packages in cases of these beaches.


Don’t get me wrong here. Don’t think that since these beaches are less popular, they will be low on fun and enjoyment. These beaches may be lesser known ones. But they are stunning, when it comes to natural beauty. These beaches also offer some good adventure sports options for enthusiasts! Let’s kick off and know more about the beaches one by one-


Economical and cheap beaches in India


#1 Malpe Beach, Udupi, Karnataka

This beach is serene, beautiful and offers some breathtaking views, I can assure you that! This is about 4 km away from Udupi, Karnataka state.


There is one more tourist spot near Malpe beach. It is St. Mary’s island, which is off the shore of Malpe beach. One may visit the island using a ferry service. It takes about half an hour to reach the island from Malpe beach.


This beach is well known for fishing activities, its scenic beauty and calm surroundings. Compared to Goa, the crowd of tourists that this place gets is low. This makes this place much calmer and peaceful even during the vacation season!


Udupi is the nearest railway station. One may get off at the railway station and board a taxi to get to the beach. If it is an airport that you are looking for, then Mangalore (60 Km away) is the nearest one.


#2 Rishikonda beach, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Located in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh State. This beach, curiously enough is not much popular, when it comes to beach enthusiast. Beach enthusiasts from around India are well aware of popular beaches in Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and Chennai. But a good portion of them, it seems, miss out Rishikonda (Rushikonda)!


The beach has been blessed by mother nature. The views are breathtaking. The water is sky blue in color. Above all, the place is calm and peaceful.


Vishakhapatnam is the nearest city. It is well connected with the rest of Indian by Road, Rail and Air route. The city has a railway station, airport and bus stations. And the beach is located 6 Km away from the city.


#3 Gopalpur Beach, Odisha

Located in Odisha, this beach is 16 Km away from Brahmapur. Brahmapur has railway station and bus stand. So, one may first reach Brahmapur and then hire a taxi to reach the beach. The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar.


Each year, in the month of December, beach festival is organized and celebrated here. The peaceful atmosphere is one thing that this beach guarantees visitors.


#4 Radha Nagar beach, Havelock Island, Andaman Islands

Radha Nagar beach is located in Havelock Island. It is also known as ‘beach number 7’. So beautiful is this beach that it was named ‘Best Beach in Asia’ by Time Magazine in the year 2004!


This beach is truly like ‘heaven on earth’. Reaching there is not that difficult. One may reach Port Blair in Andaman Island from Chennai or Kolkata. From Port Blair, direct ferries to Havelock Island are available. The journey takes 4 hours to complete.


#5 Agatti Island and beach, Lakshadweep

Located in Lakshadweep, off the coast of Kerala, this small island is like paradise for beach enthusiasts. Located away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this place is full of calmness and natural beauty.


#6 Arthunkal Beach, Cherthala, Kerala

It is a quiet beach, located in Cherthala town. Cherthala is pretty close to Cochin, Kerala’s largest city! So, reaching this beach is not a problem.


One of the biggest attractions of this place is the historic St. Andrew’s Basilica. The feast of St. Sebastian is also celebrated during the month of January.


These were some beaches, which are relatively lesser known. As a result, they are less crowded even during the summer vacation season. This often results in cheap and economical tour packages to these spots. This summer make sure that you visit some of these beautiful beaches!


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